“Anti-Vaxxers” Smack World Health Organization (WHO)…

Few People Ever Expected The “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement to Get This Big, This Powerful, This Connected, This Influential…

But it did, and for good reason…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

When you turn on the nightly news every night this last week you see something VERY unusual.  You see the reactions of the globalists/socialists to the simple fact that they have lost control of the social dialogue in America and in Western Civilization..  So they are resorting to looting and destruction of America’s cities, in an attempt to get attention and re-assert their old power through fear.

And, it is NOT working.

Instead, we, as a society, are gearing up to subject them, and their funding and organizing sources, to mass arrest and incarceration using the 1807 Insurrection Act.

America’s conservatives have awakened.

I have been saying to my friends for  quite a while now:

“It is NOT the liberals in this country who are the problem.  It is WE – the conservatives. 

Why?  Because WE, the conservatives, are the adults in this conversation.  WE are the ones that let the liberals get away with this crap all this time while we sat here in our complacency playing with our expensive adult toys. 

WE, the conservatives, know how to act.  We know what has to be done.  We know who has to be bitch-slapped into proper behavior.  What are we all waiting for? 

When dealing with the liberal progressives it is like dealing with your own teenagers.  There comes a time when you have to take away the car keys.”

It has become VERY obvious that the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement has adopted this paradigm in their processing of their efforts to destroy the evil vaccine (drug) industry.

Despite the very best efforts of the Big Pharma sleaze machine the “Anti-Vaxxer message now, not only dominates the American/Western Civilization conversation, but the Movement has moved way beyond the simple message that “vaccines are total deadly crap.”

“Anti-Vaxxers” now are looking very hard at the apparatus that Big Pharma, and their minions, are using to damage our children – with an eye towards destruction of that apparatus..  Kent and Judy’s book “Plague of Corruption” is a prime example of that.

It is everywhere…

How did the book “Plague of Corruption” get “everywhere?” 

Because the powerful “Anti-Vaxxer” movement PUT IT everywhere.

We all know a lot about how Big Pharma’s sleaze machine works.  All we have to do is turn on any liberal nightly news station.  There we can see the seething hatred spewed at America every night – their well deserved self-loathing projected outward.

Then if that’s not enough, we can look to Social Media, where we can find the also self-loathing “skeptics”, each using their 30 different internet fake identities to attack mothers of autistic children.

“Skeptic” leadership David Gorski (Orac) and James Randi sitting on a Loveseat together at the annual “Amazing Meeting…” Listen to the audio recording below, where Randi tells a young boy how big his penis is, and asks the young boy to meet with him for sex…

For years the self-styled “skeptics” had annual training meetings in Las Vegas Nevada where they taught young homosexual recruits how to do damage on the internet.

Want to know what the “skeptics” are  – take a look a their leadership.

Just below is a five minute recorded phone call of “skeptic” leader James Randi, used in a Court Case, that VERY CLEARLY shows what the “skeptic” leadership is all about.  Keep in mind that that young boy on the phone could easily have been YOUR child…

Got the picture?

Now, Laugh here – Although there is nothing funny about what these people actually are what-so-ever, the laughable part is that THIS group is what Big Pharma recruited, trained, and funded to oppose the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement.

Pause for a moment, read the paragraph above once again, and let that sink in.

Of course the Trump administration listens to us…

Everybody knows that.  Trump recognized, long before he ran for President, what Big Pharma was/is all about.  Trump, like those of us at the BolenReport, knows all about the relationship between Mainland Communist China, Big Pharma, and the US Democratic Party.  Donald does NOT need to read the BolenReport, or other “Anti-Vaxxer” messaging to know these things, but, we do continue to remind him, and America, of the important points.

The recent Covid-19 Crisis was/is, as we all know, a completely fabricated crisis designed to damage America and Western Civilization…

Two thirds (2/3) of Big Pharma’s total net worth has been invested in Chinese infrastructure where they partner up with a Chinese company to make prescription drugs and their ingredients, that is actually a division of the Chinese government.  Big Pharma, through these partnerships, is FUNDING anti-American activities. Big Pharma did that, AFTER it moved ALL THOSE AMERICAN JOBS TO CHINA.

The so-called World Health Organization (WHO) is not just as Trump said “doing China’s bidding.” It is simply, as we continuously point out,  a bought and paid for division of Big Pharma.

Everyone remembers when “WHO declares anti-vax movement a global health threat in 2019…

Little did the WHO believe, then, or even now, that the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement could retaliate by simply asking our President to shut down funding to them for various reasons.  Virtually every “Anti-Vaxxer” spokesgroup across the world was pointing out the WHO’s role in the attempted destruction of America and Western Civilization.

But, the President, in this issue, simply made a choice, deciding which group, the WHO or the fully American, family values oriented “Anti-Vaxxer” movement was on the right side.  Just below is what he decided to do.

Trump announces US will halt funding to World Health Organization over coronavirus response…

But, there is more…

We, the “Anti-Vaxxers” are attacking the “Deep State,” and we fully intend to help destroy it.  The BolenReport is an insider, as you have probably figured out, in the battle to change health care worldwide into something that actually benefits “We the People.”

Pay close attention to the best selling “Plague of Corruption” wars where Big Pharma and the Deep State attempt to suppress the book and its reading.

I’m sworn to secrecy, but if you knew what I know about what is happening in the background, and what WILL happen in the future, you would jump for joy…

Go buy some jumping shoes, and…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

2 thoughts on ““Anti-Vaxxers” Smack World Health Organization (WHO)…”

  1. I see a great many African People on Twitter speaking out on the use of their people as test subjects. They have had enough of Gates and his vaccine “contributions.” I suppose he could buy off some of the leaders In the past, but awareness has increased.

  2. I am a retired forensic neuropsychologist. I have had to help many families whose children were devastated by vaccines. May bill gates rot in hell.

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