American Dental Association Shmucked in Chicago …..

Opinion by Health Freedom Advocate Tim Bolen


2005 has not been a good year for the American Dental Association (ADA).

And that’s good…

Congratulations, are in order, for all of you that helped make that happen.

There are those in North America that believe that the ADA, and their dental policies, positions, and statements, are responsible for a significant part of the constant health problems inflicted on Americans.  I’m one of those.

Take the “mercury amalgam” issue, for instance.  The ADA would have you believe that those tooth fillings they, and they alone, call “silver fillings,” even though they contain 52 to 54% mercury, are SOMEHOW not dangerous in your mouth.  Even though Federal law clearly classifies those fillings as “toxic,” and requires special handling before they are installed, and when they are being removed – but SOMEHOW, without any scientific data backing their claims – the ADA claims those fillings are safe in your mouth.

And, they’ll sell  you some swampland, too.

For years the ADA has conducted a misinformation campaign about “mercury amalgams,” going so far as to destroy the lives of Dentists who come forward pointing out the dangers of those“mercury amalgams.”  Apparently, the ADA developed a “spokesperson” system, spearheaded by known crackpot, Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD – and Baratz traveled the country ruining as many lives as he could – until one day he came to Wisconsin and walked into the legal equivalent of a “lynch mob,” where his positions were tested in a three-day “credibility hearing,” and found to be significantly wanting.   Now, after such exposure, the State of Massachusetts is being sued for using Baratz as a witness.

For years the ADA escaped public scrutiny, with virtually every major media ignoring the obviousness of the ADA misinformation campaign.  It was only the advent of the internet, and the alternative media, that attention began to be focused on the ADA’s horror show.

In North America there is what’s known as the North American Health Freedom Movement.  There are, literally, millions of people involved in it.  One of the divisions is the anti-amalgam group.  Another is the anti-fluoride group.  Both see the ADA as the anti-Christ – and both hammer at the ADA stronghold based in Chicago, Illinois – with, until recently, minimal success.  Now, it’s a different story.  Virtually everything the two groups do is effective – and the ADA is reeling under the impact.

In November of this year, the ADA’s annual convention, held this year, in Philadelphia was RUINED for the ADA because of the demonstrators outside the doors, and the media interviews focusing on the “mercury amalgam” issue – and the ADA’s misinformation campaign.

But now it gets worse – for now the media in the ADA’s own home town has seen through the ADA – and is thoroughly lambasting them for their “mercury amalgam” position.   About time…

The Chicago Tribune newspaper, last week, figuratively used a sledgehammer on the ADA – and did everything but call for a Federal indictment over the “mercury amalgam” issue.  The article titled “Are Your Teeth Toxic?”  “The mercury in ‘silver’ fillings would be hazardous waste in a river—-yet it’s sitting in your mouth, is a “must read.”

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate