About Kathleen Seidel – Would You Leave Your Child in This Woman’s Day Care Center?

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


KseidelIn an earlier article The Attack on Mark and David Geier,”  I wrote about the basis for the attack on Mark Geier MD – the original (Formal Complaint) filed against them by a woman named Lisa Randall, the mouthpiece for a national vaccine promo group.

That (Formal Complaint)  was based, totally, on the writings of one Kathleen Seidel who fashions herself as a spokesperson for what she describes as “the neurodiverse.” Seidel’s photo, from a New York Magazine article, is at the right.


Seidel vehemently attacks scientists like the Geiers from her internet perch, her neurodiversity blog.  Her claim is that “brain damage is a gift,” and that Autism is misunderstood, for, in her view it represents (get this…) the next step in the evolution of humanity.  She claims that people like the Geiers are violating the rights of the brain-damaged, and they must be stopped.

Seidel has devoted most of the waking hours of her life, since late 2005, to damaging the Geiers in any way she can.  For the most part, that is ALL her blog is about.  Twenty-eight strange-weird articles about the Geiers alone.  Can you spell cyberstalker?

Where are the men with the nets when you need them?

You’d think that, in our society, some authority would come along, take Seidel by the ear, haul her home, and wash her mouth out with soap, and send her to bed early without dinner a few times – so to speak..  But that’s not happening.  Our internet, with it’s penchant for anonymity, has become a haven for the weird, the obnoxious, the crazy, and all those that, in other societal realms, get sorted out – and asked to leave the vicinity.  From these, Seidel has found associates.

But, she also found enemies.

Investment Analyst John Best, a man who writes various blogs on Autism and its problems, has battled Seidel, and her coven, for years.  John has an Autistic son, and John, like the rest of the parents of Autistic children, do not find their condition to be “a gift” as Seidel claims.  He has written an excellent blog on Seidel, neurodiversity,  and her ilk.  It is called “Debunking Neurodiversity and Ari Ne’eman.”  Best says that:

Neurodiversity is a concept that began as a positive approach to equalizing treatment for people with disabilities. It was intended to raise consciousness, promote positive self-images and to change public opinion about the way disabled people are viewed. When it started, this included high functioning people who allegedly had autism and Asperger’s. It was quickly perverted into a massive propaganda campaign to abuse autistic children by preventing them from being cured.”

Judy Singer, the woman who coined the term “Neurodiversity” now has a site called ASPAR that is dedicated to helping the children of people with Asperger’s overcome the craziness that the kids had to put up with from their brain damaged parents. Singer recognized the insanity inherent to Neurodiversity and noted how they “must consider how we can contain anti-social behaviours that endanger others, while safeguarding civil liberties for all.” This is the part of the autism spectrum that Neurodiversity tries to deny which enumerates the blatant dishonesty by which they pervert the truth about autism.

Before Singer’s book was published, Harvey Blume stole the term “Neurodiversity” and connected it with a lesbian fraud named Laura Tisoncik who told us of her intent to defraud the public with statements like this: “The site gives geeks space to emerge from the neurological closet and declare themselves to be high-functioning autistic (HFA) as opposed to neurologically typical (NT).” We see that she was advocating for weirdos to mislabel themselves as “autistic” and incorporate this into the gay pride idiocy. If you check the link in this article to Tisoncik’s ISNT site, it connects you to an X-rated site for lesbian pornography.

It didn’t take long for the self-styled “Neurodiverse,” to find the “Skeptics.”

I’ve written quite a bit about the Skeptics (pseudo-skeptics).  They, I think, like Seidel, inhabit a world most of us, those without severe mental illness, could not even envision.

“(4)  The Skeptics (pseudo-skeptics).  As individuals they fall into two groups:  The leadership, which sometimes reveals their real identities, and the followers, who virtually never do.  All of them maintain multiple internet identities with which to carry on conversations, backing themselves up, as it were, in arguments with opponents.  Although not the brightest people in the world, someone has trained them in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, and they currently control Wikipedia health care articles.”

In short, a quick comparison of the internet identities used in the comments section of any of the Skeptics (pseudo-skeptics) and the neurodiverse blogs shows that they are EXACTLY the same people.

So, the vaccine industry found these neurodiversity and Skeptics (pseudo-skeptics) people…

And, enlisted them.

The neurodiverse and the psuedo skeptics people share one thing in common – a lack of acceptance by society.  Their normal disruptive behavior patterns in public situations get the police called, or Security escorts them to the door. The use of people like this in campaigns is not a new thing.   J.R.R. Tolkein, in his Fellowship of the Ring, was easily familiar with this concept. He wrote of the Orcs:

In J. R. R. Tolkien‘s fantasy writings, Orcs or Orks are a race of creatures who are used as soldiers and henchmen by both the greater and lesser villains of The Silmarillion and The Lord of the RingsMorgoth, Sauron and Saruman. The Orcs also work independently as the common antagonists in The Hobbit, though in that work they are more often called Goblins.

Although not entirely dim-witted and occasionally crafty, they are portrayed as miserable beings, hating everyone including themselves and their masters, whom they serve out of fear. They make no beautiful things, but rather design cunning devices made to hurt and destroy.

Sound familiar?

Back in the early days when famous author/scientist Hulda Regehr Clark PhD was their target, and I was running her counter-campaign, I ALWAYS had a Security arrangement with Health Show organizers for arrest of potential disrupters.  I very much WANTED that disruption to happen so I could affect an arrest, with video or photos,  and trace it back to who arranged that disruption.

It does not surprise me a bit that the vaccine industry would actively recruit society’s weirdos.  We are, after all, dealing with an industry that has absolutely no concern for the safety of our people, especially our children.

Lisa Randall, the person who made the very first Complaint against the Geiers, is an expert in organizing vaccine campaigns.  Read this article titled “Shaping the Vaccine Message Through Social Media:  Inspiring Ideas – Lisa Randall JD, Associate Executive Director – Immunization Action Coalition.” In this article Randall outlines EXACTLY the campaign organization used against the Geiers and parents of vaccine damaged children.

There is an easy case to be made that Lisa Randall, working for her putrid injection masters, is now, and always has, manipulated, or outright run, the neurodiverse and pseudo-skeptic blog groups.  These damaged people are, I think, her Orc army.

Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate