1.3 Million Man/Woman “Demonstration” in Berlin…

The left has used the “fantasy pandemic” to suspend the law and rule by dictatorial fiat.

People are rising up…

From Germany By Karma Singh

Despite reports that you may have heard from the pharmaceutical controlled press, the HUGE demonstration on Saturday 1st August 2020 in Berlin, Germany wasn’t about the Covid-19 restrictions.

The protest is demanding a return to the rule of law…

…as Germany’s Merkel (just as did her predecessor and putative grandfather, Adolf Hitler) has used the “fantasy pandemic” to suspend the law and rule by dictatorial fiat.

Those of us who watched the demonstration live (or later watched the recordings) may well have noticed that the gathering stretched from Brandenburger Tor at least right down to the Siegersäule – a distance of 2.9 Kilometers (1.8 miles). Additionally, many of the side streets, parks etc. were full to overflowing.

You can’t cover that enormous area with just 17,000 people as the “fake news” said happened.

I was there.  Right in the middle of it all…

During the demonstration, we heard police estimates varying from 800,000 to 1.3 million people. If you take the surface area of Straße des 17. Juni which was the main route (40 meter x 2900 Meter – 1.8 miles x 131 feet) and divide this into one meter (11 feet) squares, assume 3 people per square metre then you come out with 348,000. This plus the surrounding streets, the Tiergarten, Kanzleramt etc. and we see that 17,000 is ridiculous but also that 1,3 million seems unlikely.

We will probably never know how many were actually there: (The official figure is obviously untrue and no accurate count could be made by the organisers.)

This is, of course, of no matter; this wasn’t the finale, it wasn’t the beginning or even the overture:

It was just the prelude after the orchestra has tuned up.

There is a lot more coming and we will have back our human rights guaranteed by the Basic Law, EU Human Rights Law and the United Nations Convention on Human Rights. We need, however, to go further than this:-

It is such an “accepted fact of life” that politicians always lie that it is no longer even used by comedy writers. This “right to lie” to the public has been taken up by many bureaucrats, senior officials and the main stream press.

In “Conversations with God” we read, in volume one, that God describes this world as one ruled by lies and liars. You don’t have to look very far to find proof of this. Why do we accept this? Why do we not demand the honour and integrity presently shown almost exclusively by the AfD, the Brexit pretty, Donald Trump, personally, from all politicians?

There are laws specifically created to protect us from such abuse; why do we not use them? It is, by now, perfectly obvious that we have been deliberately and consistently lied to about Covid by Merkel & Co. and other “purchased” governments.

Why is there no urgent application to the courts to immediately remove her and others from office? Why is there no petition to call a new general election and to ban Merkel and all of her cohorts from taking part? Is your death wish really so strong that you just lay down and wait from the steam roller to ride over you?

It may well be that one of the most effective tools in our arsenal is civil disobedience (as used by Ghandi to win a continent).

On Saturday, almost none of the demonstrators wore a mask and none separated themselves from others. A police spokesman just said “we can’t issue 250,000 tickets.” This is precisely the point: When very large numbers of people ignore an illegal law then that law will fall. Senior lawyers have confirmed that there is no valid law (in Germany at least) to compel face masks and have had test cases dismissed by judges on this basis – perhaps I will soon be able to publish a specimen letter with which these lawyers have achieved dismissal.

I noted that around 17.00 Uhr (5 p.m.), one policeman collapsed and it was several minutes after his face mask was removed that he was able to stand and (still unmasked) be helped away by his colleagues. This is what Merkel and her employers at the banking cartel plan for all of us. This makes civil disobedience in this regards even more important. I noted also that, although all police wore masks (presumably following orders) none made even a token attempt at “social distancing”, probably because most of them already know that it is silly, damaging and has no useful effect whatsoever.

Don’t ever forget: Almost ALL of the police are with us and the majority yesterday disobeyed orders in many regards so as to facilitate the peaceful demonstration planned. Don’t let Ferkel and the bankers “divide and conquer” by setting us against each other, one aspect of which is the claim in the msm that police broke up the demonstration and made many arrests.

The protests was not broken up but gradually dwindled with the evening in a sort of party atmosphere. There was one arrest and no trouble at all. On the same day, there were a number of other much small demonstrations in other parts of the city. Here there were arrests and some violence but they were several miles away from us and were no part of our activities.

I, personally, trained many of those who took part in techniques to disempower troublemakers. Some of these are to be found here:-

I also co-ordinated several groups working who were charged with the task of using energy techniques to neutralise any trouble before it could start. It was very effective. Just one ANTIFA terrorist turned up, called everyone who doesn’t wear a mask a Nazi and then disappeared.

The march was open to everyone and I do not doubt that there were some there with somewhat extreme political views but the overwhelming majority were middle of the road “silent majority” who came to show their faces.

Blessed be

Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

9 thoughts on “1.3 Million Man/Woman “Demonstration” in Berlin…”

  1. Considering Covid-19’s 99.95% recovery rate, and the fact that it can be PREVENTED and CURED with a $20 drug approved 65 years ago—or with a regimen of nutritional supplements—can we start calling this democrat-spun “plan-demic” by its more accurate name: “HOAXVID-19”

  2. As your fav Ronald Reagan used to say, “There you go again.” There is nothing left or right about the lockdown. I see few major Republicans standing up and opposing it. This is the rollout of Technocracy. The Technocrats have no interest in party politics except to control it for now, to get what they want until they can completely supersede it with technocratic fascism. Both parties are puppets and the Technocrats are the puppeteers. We have to look at the Technocrat behind the curtain.

  3. Thank you Karma for this report setting the record straight since the MMD went full-out to hide the demonstration.

    Among the rights that we must reassert is the right of Informed Consent. In the context of German history, this is of the utmost importance. The Nuremberg Code now expressed customary International Law binding on all states.

    My general brief on Informed Consent is here: https://tinyurl.com/generalbrief

  4. Thank you for this first-hand account. Do you have any idea whether all the people attending were from Berlin, or did they also come from other cities? (I live in the newly re-locked down Aberdeen!)

  5. Roger,
    it’s only just beginning to dawn upon many people that this is a hoax. Add to this the problem that huge numbers of people still believe the propaganda and it is difficult, especially in an election year, to swim against the stream. Assuming Trump wins then there may well be a wind change.

    Hi Grace,
    I don’t know the exact mix but I do know that six thousand busses were organised to bring people from right around Germany. This plus private cars, rail and air…..
    There’s an even bigger demo planned for 29th August whereby the target is three million.

    Blessed be

  6. Karma:

    Tell your people to set up their own covert “Press Teams.” Have them put people in place to get photos and videos as they play out. Then set up a website where others can get those items.

    The liberal media, those that I described here –


    …are trying very hard to suppress this story – and failing.

    I couldn’t help but notice that that very same liberal media was trying to put out the story that the protestors were all NAZIs. Laugh here.

    You are right – the fun has just begun.

  7. We’re working on this and there are some VERY BIG surprises coming up but I can’t write anything about them on a public forum, Tim.
    You’ll be amongst the first to know as soon as…

    Blessed be

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