I like the Way the Vaccine Argument is Going… Both Nationally, and in California…

It is True – California is the Torch and the Powder Keg…  So, Let’s Light it Off…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


Things are moving fast.  All it took was a little conflict.  It wasn’t even a year ago that a substantial number of Americans just “had some concerns” about vaccines, and wanted to be careful about how those vaccines were introduced into their children’s bodies.

Then, along came Senator Richard Pan MD, the consummate arrogant self-serving Pediatrician, introducing legislation in California to remove parental rights to make decisions about their children, and setting up the mechanism for an “anything goes” MANDATORY INSERTION of Big Pharma’s made-in-China death pus mixtures into California’s children, and assuring Democratic Party campaign financing for upcoming elections.

The early opposition to Pan’s foray was incredibly naive, actually believing that if they went to the Democratic Party controlled California Legislature, and explained the situation, that it would all go away.  Thousands of parents, many with their vaccine damaged children in tow, showed up in the legislative hallways, attended hearings, made phone calls, wrote letters, actually believing that the process of government they’d learned in school actually worked.

Rallies and hearings, more rallies and hearings, and even more rallies and hearings,  in both houses of the California legislature showed those in opposition a glimpse of the reality of the California Democratic Party.  Did the legislature listen – well, yes they did listen, but just not to those people.  They were listening to the pharma lobbyists who were stuffing wads of hundred dollar bills into their pockets.

Worse though, was something far more shocking to these family units concerned about the damage to their children.  Right in the middle of the hearings, with all of these parents there in Sacramento, the Democratic legislature took the day off, I kid you not, to celebrate Gay Pride Week.  Instead of looking, carefully, I guess, at what vaccines do to children, the Dems, instead, shaved off their body hair, oiled themselves up, slipped into their Speedos, and pranced down to Sacramento Gay Bars, where they could dance around the Gay Pole with their REAL constituents – the ones they understand, and serve the needs of…

But Now There Is A Change…

Nothing has changed with the California Democrats as a whole.  The change is with the opposition people now that they have had a good hard look at what they are up against – not only with the legislators, but with those they thought were allies.

The realization is here is that this is not a Jimmy Stewart “Mr Smith goes to Washington” movie.  This is a knock-down, drag-out, political fight between a majority citizenry and a corrupt machine we can call “The Vaccine Construction,” an unholy alliance of bought-off government employees in the US and the vaccine industry.

It is also, very clearly, a battle between Good and Evil, with Evil manifesting itself in an effort to destroy existing social mores (The Judeo-Christian Ethic) that built the American system of government, and society, in favor of an entirely different standard – one that has no respect for life, family, virtue, kindness, loyalty.  A society controlled by corporate whim.  A removal of the application of the Ten Commandments for those whose compliance with such an idea is inconvenient.

What’s the change?  Realization.

What Realization?

That the problem isn’t simple.  It has more components than they originally thought.  Upon investigation, those that “had some concerns” about vaccines found that the situation was ten thousand times worse than they had originally opined.  In fact, they found that vaccines are neither “Safe and Effective,” but exactly the opposite – “Dangerous and Worthless.”

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So, the dialogue, nationwide, is changing.  More, those people that were patronized by the Democratic Party in California have developed an anger level commensurate with the beginnings of revolution.  The California power structure, I predict, over the next ten years, is going to get a well-deserved citizen symbolic guillotining.

There is, I’d say, in California, a new vaccine, and political, message being developed…  You’ll see it on the left, over there…

And that, my friends, is where WE want to start from – a very angry, patronized, scoffed-at, brand-new group of confirmed, for good reason, anti-vaxxers.  Just like you and me.

Ah, I love it when a plan comes together.

We here in the North American Health Freedom Movement thank you very much Big Pharma, you corrupt bureaucrats, and you sleazy Democrats.  You did our recruiting for us.  Now we will train the newly angry ones how to put you in your place with satisfying regularity.  It is time, of course, to shut down the US Vaccine Program entirely, starting with the CDC Vaccines For Children Program.”

There’s Plenty of Time to Do What We Need To Do in California…

I know there are people out there in the trenches feeling the loss of the first two major forays – (1) the actions to stop the SB277 bill in the legislature, and (2)  The failed Referendum campaign.  But, worry not.  Those were just a warm-up exercise.  A training drill.  An organizational gambit.  A motivational exercise.

Now comes the real thing.

And, guess what?  The California army is pissed off, and looking for blood.  They are beginning to sound like us older North American Health Freedom warriors.

I read the entries on their FaceBook pages.  No longer are these people naive.  They ALL gather information, and pass it along to others, discuss those finds, at length, about how bad vaccines really are.  I see myself quoted everywhere, and the situations I explained months ago, are now common knowledge.  Our icons in our Health Freedom movement are quoted constantly.  Everybody there knows who Sherry Tenpenny DO is.  Boyd Haley is a household name.  Mark and David Geier are known everywhere.  These people READ.

It is a whole new world.

Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate