T. R. Shantha, MD, PhD, FACA

TRnew.JPGT. R. Shantha is an MD, and obtained his Ph.D. from Emory University School of Medicine.  He has published more than 100 research papers in distinguished peer reviewed journals all over the world such as the Journal Nature (7 papers), Science, Journal of Cell Biology, New England Journal of Medicine, Anesthesiology, Anatomy, Histology, cell biology, Journal of Urology and there is hardly a medical journal where his research articles have not appeared.

He is the author of 9 books and the holder of 49 patents, many issued. On October 10, 2014 he obtained a patent on an energy saving motor along with another American inventor. He has multiple patents on the light bulb, also. His 4 patents on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease are under development (www.wedgetherapeutics.com).

At present, he is working on Parkinson’s, Prostate cancer and hypertrophy, migraine, hair loss, ALS, etc.  Many of his discoveries are incorporated in medical textbooks.  His discovery of the drug to treat Priapism is used all over the world in emergency rooms and by urologists.

He has won many prestigious awards all over the world including the AAPI and AMA distinguished physician award.  He has contributed to charity generously and participated in multiple works of charity in addition.

Four of his children are physicians, and one is an expert in cardio-pulmonary technology.

Dr. T. R. Shantha, MD, PhD, FACA
1946 Carrington Court
Stone Mountain, GA 30087-1446
Phone: 678-580-5446; Cell: 678-640-7705
Email: Shantha35@aol.com, www.trshanthamd.com