Showtime in Allentown…..

It hasn’t been a good year for Big Pharma.

There is a concerted effort to break Big Pharma’s stranglehold on North American health care.  For example, just look at all the lawsuits aimed at that target, some filed by individuals, some by companies, some by big “Tort” law firms, and some by government agencies.

That “concerted effort” is working.

One of the INTERESTING battles is the one between the North American Health Freedom Movement, representing “Health,” and Big Pharma’s “quackbuster”operation, run out of a New York ad agency, representing “Medicine.”

Despite their best efforts (snort) the “quackbuster” conspiracy, recently, has stumbled, tripped, and knee-wobbled its way through an ever increasing backlash against its project to deny North Americans adequate health care.   One of the best examples of this is the series of mega-problems being faced by the“quackbuster’s” front man, and author of its notorious internet “bible,” ( failed, and delicensed, MD Stephen Barrett.

Barrett is in DEEP trouble.

Embroiled in lawsuits all over North America, Barrett hasn’t been having a fun time.  He’s been severely battered wherever he goes in the American Court System – and the laughter follows him.  Just a few months ago, a Minnesota Judge disconnected Barrett from a telephonic hearing after the Judge determined, using MY files, that Barrett was not qualified to testify in the case. Barrett began to argue, and the Judge pushed a button… Just like that, Barrett, who believes he’s an expert in all things related to health care, was summarily dismissed (and disconnected) from the case.

Barrett’s problems began in 1991, I believe, when P. J. (Joe) Lisa wrote a book called “Assault on Medical Freedom,” detailing the quackbuster’s” operation to destroy innovations in health care.  This book was soon followed by James Carter MD’s authoritative “Racketeering in Medicine.”  Barrett sued Carter, and the publisher, Hampton Roads, but the case was tossed out of court.

The book “Racketeering in Medicine.” is available in fine stores everywhere.  For health freedom fighters in North America, it is a “must read.”

Getting to the gritty…

In August of this year, I stopped by a hearing in Allentown, PA to testify in a case where Stephen Barrett was, like elsewhere, in the North American Court System, trying to ply the idea that he is being “conspired” against.  He says I, Tim Bolen, am leading the conspiracy.  Barrett, the man who called two-time Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling a “quack,” finds it difficult to believe that a significant number of North Americans would, independently, find his views on modern health care “more than a little weird.” 

Barrett, according to his testimony in that hearing, believes that a significant number of persons on the North American continent are “out to get him…”  He claims he’s so upset about this he spends ten percent of his time worrying and thinking about this problem.  He claims he even had an automobile accident, he was so upset about this….

Well, maybe he is upset.

For at the hearing, Stephen Barrett, the man who authors, the “quackbusters bible”  he, who claims that the efforts of the health professionals responsible for more than half of the total US health dollar are “quackery,” showed up in a hearing with his DIRTY, GREASY, hair tufted over his ears like one of those characters from the Star Wars series.  I was in Barrett’s presence for four hours that day, and in all that time he couldn’t make eye contact with me.  He knew who I was.  He was told, ahead of time,  I’d be there to confront him.

It gets grittier…

One of the other things happening in that hearing was the entrance of California Civil Litigator, and wardog, Carlos F. Negrete, taking over the case from local counsel, opposing Barrett, and his local legal beagle..  To be honest, I couldn’t tell if Barrett was more upset over MY being there or over Negrete taking over the case.

Or, maybe Barrett just naturally turns grey/green every day at 1:00 pm – the starting time of the hearing, the exact time Carlos Negrete and I walked in the door together.

Right after the hearing, Barrett and his legal counsel went into “courtroom orbit,” trying to get Negrete removed from the case.  Barrett’s legal argument, I promise, was just as good as his poorly written (goofy) diatribes against innovations in health care.  So, of course, he LOST the Motion to disqualify – and Negrete is in the case.

Negrete, you may remember, has ripped Barrett to shreds in every legal confrontation, so far.  This one won’t be any different.

So – there’ll be a new chapter in the Barrett Courtroom saga, this one involving top leaders in Chiropractic.  I’m of the opinion that the whole “quackbuster”operation sprang up right after the decision in the Wilk v. AMA case, where the AMA was ordered to give up its clandestine operation to destroy the science and profession of Chiropractic.

Barrett has been personally targeting Tedd Koren, a Pennsylvania Chiropractor, and President of Koren Publications, one of the largest providers of literature to Chiropractic offices in North America.  Koren provides the controversial “anti-vaccination” brochures.  Barrett was the so-called “consultant” to the Federal Trade Commission employee that tried to use his job to stop Koren from publishing those brochures.  That employee was stopped, and removed from his FTC position. Almost immediately after that action, Barrett filed suit against Koren.

Now, Koren has brought Negrete into the fray, and it’s “Showtime in Allentown.”  Barrett’s going to get publicly horse-whipped right in his own home town.  I’ll see that you have a front row seat…

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate