Sharon Anshaw

Sharon Anshaw is by her own description, a “John Q. Citizen, really…”

She has been commenting on the BolenReport, personally, for some time.

One day, her cousin Tim Bolen said to her “Why don’t you write that down and let me publish it on the BolenReport.”

Sharon’s Dad and Tim’s Mom come out of the same Depression-era seven-children-in-the-Catholic-family mold.   During the Depression every child had a job (newspaper routes, Beech-Nut Girls, etc) to support the family – and they were proud to do it.

In THAT family you look carefully at something – and you don’t sugar-coat your comments…

Trained in IT, Software troubleshooting, Sharon is a voracious reader and even when pursuing her favorite hobby of beach walking will often times have a book to read close by.

When PRESSED for an exact description she responded “Patriot and Political Atmosphere Analyst gathering information to try to discern the truth.”

“I don’t have a pedigree.”

“I do have a pedicure…”