Jesus Antonio Caquias MD

JesusCaquiasJesus Antonio Caquias MD  
was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He and his wife Carmela, live in Brownsville, Texas. They have five children.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree from the Brooklyn Center of Long Island University and in 1975 moved to Nashville, Tennessee to study medicine at Meharry Medical College. He obtained his Medical Doctors degree in 1979.

His interest in Alternative Medicine led him to pursue a second doctorate in Integrative Medicine from Capital University of Integrative Medicine in the District of Columbia in 2003.

Product DetailsHe has been a Bible student and teacher since 1989 and applies his knowledge for the spiritual well being of his patients.

His book, “The Ideal Body – You are never to old to get one…” represents the combined revelations of his studies.

Dr. Caquias was a victim of the usual Stephen Barrett style attack on cutting-edge doctors and not only survived, but thrived under the assault.  Dr. Caquias story was chronicled here in the BolenReport – found in nine separate articles.  An excerpt from one of those states…

Jesus Caquias MD, the doctor for CARE Clinics, had had six complaints filed against him to the Texas Medical Board (TMB).  All six had been filed by Stephen Barrett.  Caquias, in his response, used what he called “The Bolen Defense,” in that he used my research on Barrett to completely discredit Barrett’s complaints.  It worked.

Why was Caquias attacked?  Two reasons  (1)  CARE Clinics had designed an Autism treatment protocol that WORKED very well – and had a retrospective medical study of their patients to prove it, involving their close to 4,000 patients. (2)  No patient ever paid for services at CARE Clinics – everything was billed to insurance.  Just below is Jesus Caquias MD, and CARE Clinics Protocol:

As you can imagine Stephen Barrett’s Paymasters, when finding out about what was happening, went into orbit, and pulled out all of the stops to shut this operation down.  Why would they do that?  Because Autism IS a medical problem that can be successfully treated.  But the official system says “we don’t know what is causing Autism, so we don’t know how to treat it, blah, blah, blah…”

But facts are facts – and health professionals like Caquias simply broke the Autism problem down into its elements – and 4,000 Autistic children radically improved.

The attack on Caquias was written up like this:

The essence of the case against Jesus Caquias  MD…

The Texas Medical Board (Bukstein) had subpoenaed five patient records, from Caquias, after the Austin Care Clinics had closed, and their records were stored in various places.  Several health insurance companies had stopped paying Care Clinics after having been contacted by Barrett and/or Baratz.  Caquias responded to the subpoena, with a letter telling the Board that he had not been at the clinic for months, had no ownership of the records, and that they must contact the owner of the clinic with their subpoena.  Bukstein did contact the owner who informed them that the thousands of patient records were in a jumble since the clinic lost their lease, and they would do the best they could.  Bukstein received, obviously, very little of the records.  Not long after the original request the FBI and IRS came in, guns drawn, and seized every box, file, computer, whatever, in sight and hauled them all down to storage claiming, in the press, that they were“investigating for insurance fraud…”

Then, like only in a movie, a small plane dove, intentionally, into the IRS building where the records were stored.  The plane story, which made national, and international news, apparently escaped the notice of Bukstein, who further demanded more records even after he was given a copy of the IRS letter to Care Clinics informing them of the damage to the records.

Then, of course, Bukstein filed charges against Caquias claiming that “Caquias had not kept adequate records.”  Bukstein brought in none other than bobbie baratz to “review, and report on Caquias’s records…”

Of course, after “investigating for insurance fraud…” the Feds dropped the investigation, finding no cause to proceed further.

So, the essence of the State’s case?  “Jesus Caquias is a bad doctor who doesn’t keep adequate records, and practices chelation, and other alternative medicine.”  The offered proof?  Bobbie baratz says it’s so.

What was the result?   The judges, of course, dismissed the case.  You can smile while you  read the details of what happened here

And now Jesus Caquias is writing for the Bolen Report…