Yes, Yes, the New SB 277 Lawsuit Is Coming… There Are VERY Good Reasons For the Delays…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

I know, I know, it is hard to be patient.

But, the making of a good lawsuit, and everything that transpires with it, is difficult – especially if it is done right…

I’m not supposed to give out sensitive information, BUT…

I can give you a glimpse of some of the problems the legal and strategy teams are facing:

(1)  There are over five hundred (500) individual applicants to be Plaintiffs.  Every one has to be screened…

(2)  After the Dismissal of the earlier weak case, lots of very important people, from all over the US, wanted to be part of the new solution process – the lawsuit and accompanying strategies, and tactics.

(3)  It became obvious, during the processing of the earlier Dismissed SB 277 lawsuit, that although SB 277 was enacted in California, this was a national issue – and that the new case would have to reflect that.  Hours, and hours, of conferences with nationally oriented attorneys, and activists.

(4)  This case would, eventually, go all the way to the US Supreme Court.  So, it makes a difference who gets elected as President – for that person will appoint the new Justices.  We would be far better off with ANY Trump nominee.  And, at this point, we just don’t know if there are enough stupid people, dead people that still vote, illegal immigrants bussed around to the polls,  to elect Hillary Clinton – or will the election be rigged at the polling booths.  So they cannot design the case accordingly.  In short, the final decisions on case strategy will not be made until after the election.

(5)  There might be more than one lawsuit – as there are some issues which could, and should, be separated out.

(6)  There are new published court decisions that have to be taken into consideration.

(7)  The completely transparent fund-raising apparatus has to in place for a two-to-three–year fight…  And, it is now, ready to go.

(8)  Whole new teams had to be assembled, as the earlier California groups would not work together.

But, be assured, that the new case is going to be as anti-vaccine as anyone can get…

Why?  Vaccines, and the vaccine delivery systems, are crap.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

11 thoughts on “Yes, Yes, the New SB 277 Lawsuit Is Coming… There Are VERY Good Reasons For the Delays…”

  1. Tim: The election will indeed be rigged at the polling booth, that is by the GEMS software which counts 25% of the votes in the U.S. Hillary is the anointed one, anointed by the CFR and their ilk, who are the clients of the vote-counting companies. The media haven’t even bothered to wait until the afternoon of the 8th to announce the winner, but it will be interesting to see how many states Trump is allowed to win. It is a mistake to think that conservative Supreme Court justices are our allies in this fight. They are not-see Scalia’s majority opinion in Brusewitz v. Wyeth. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to vote for Trump, because, as appalling as he is, Hillary is worse. Great news about the impending lawsuit(s)! Thank you so much for keeping us up-to-date. Will you be giving us a link to the fund-raising apparatus? I would appreciate that.

  2. Great response, Gary. Totally agree with you, except I’m not so sure that Trump is as bad as he is portrayed in the media. I don’t believe a thing they say.
    Of course he is no saint and isn’t my first choice by any means.
    That being said, he is not a member of the CFR and that in and of itself is huge!
    I agree that the election is probably rigged and the whole thing is just sickening.

  3. Melanie: Thanks. I actually don’t pay much attention to the media, but I can imagine what they must be saying about Trump, since nearly all of them have been shilling for Hillary for months. I don’t believe a word they say, except for things like baseball scores. What pisses me off most about Trump is the degrading things he has said about immigrants from Mexico. I taught many of their children, probably half of them illegal, and these were some of the finest people I’ve ever met, culturally different (the parents), but as American as apple pie. They got on the bus to go to the fields before dawn, and came back in the evening, but the kids always came to school well-groomed and ready to learn. And they prospered; many of those children became the first in the family to attend college. They love their children very much, but don’t coddle them; they are very conservative in many ways. He also has dictatorial tendencies, which should give us all pause. But the period from 1993 to today has been a downward spiral economically for many, and a vast expansion of the bureaucracy and globalism, all of which are very dangerous for our way of life. It is easy to see the appeal of Trump. Interestingly, before the Dems stole the nomination from him, Bernie was the second choice of many Trump fans, and likewise, Trump the second choice of many Bernie fans. My vote will be more of an anti-Hillary choice than a pro-Trump choice, but it doesn’t matter; our elections really are rigged. Hillary is truly our worst nightmare; she will still be in office when Healthy People 2020 is fully implemented, no doubt with CDC swat teams carrying automatic weapons like the vaccinators in Pakistan (I’m being partly facetious here).

  4. Just to be clear, I am neither a Trump or Clinton supporter. However, I find it offensive and unnecessary to refer to Clinton supporters as stupid. There are plenty of health freedom individuals on both sides who are against Clinton/for Trump for very good reasons, and others who are against Trump/for Clinton for very good reasons. You might think that Clinton supporters can’t possibly be for health freedom, but not everyone can support another candidate based upon a single issue. There is more on the table than just mandatory vaccines and some people choose to look at the big picture. This does not make them stupid. And saying someone is stupid because they choose to vote for Clinton does nothing to forward the cause of removing the reality and threat of mandatory vaccines. No one becomes educated or changes their mind by being belittled.

  5. Brenda: I fully agree that it is offensive and unnecessary to call the supporters of a candidate stupid. I actually agree with some of the positions of all four candidates, but it is the conventional politicians (Hillary and all of Trump’s opponents in the primaries) who are most frightening because of their ties to the deep state. I would conjecture that some of those on our side in this fight support her because they are unaware of these ties, or of our actual history since the ’40’s, and others are so offended by Trump that they see no alternative. I think neither one of them has the qualifications, character, or temperament to lead us forth. As a former Democrat, I’m so revolted by the corruption of the Clintons and their foundation (and disgusted with the California Dems) that I will be casting an anti-Hillary vote.

  6. Clinton supporters are either STUPID or as corrupt as the Clintons are.

    This “one-worlder,” globalist, destroy America as fast as possible, crap has to be over.

  7. Tim Lundeen: Thanks for the link. He’s right on so many levels. He’s certainly right about electronic voting, which uses proprietary software; as far as I know, though, there are no auditors, and, in any case, it is so sophisticated that the fractional voting patch leaves no trace behind for an auditor to find.

  8. Tim Lundeen: On further reflection I realize an audit would compare paper ballots to the electronic record. If Trump has any sense he will demand a recount in every state which is close. This will take weeks, but will show that our elections truly are rigged. Wonder how long counties keep their paper ballots, and I wonder how many counties use touch screen voting only. These would be impossible to audit.

  9. Gary… thanks for the great reply!

    I completely understand why you will be casting an anti-Hillary vote. She is disgusting, completely corrupt, and not for the people. She is not someone who I want for our president let alone our first female president.

    I cannot in good conscience vote for Trump either. While I can appreciate that he does not appear to be one who will be controlled by the powers that be (imagine if we had a president that refused to bow to the political establishment and really wanted to do great things for the people!!), he’s a loose cannon and placing him in such a powerful position would be absolutely dangerous.

    And with that being said (regarding him not being controlled), I have my suspicions about Trump’s ties to the Clintons. People say that the votes are rigged… but they don’t have to be rigged if he really is just a ringer for Clinton.

    My opinion, whoever ends up being president, we the people are more screwed than ever.

    The best I can do is vote for other officials who are for health freedom, whose values most closely match mine, and whose compass points closest to true north. Education is key. That’s why it’s imperative to talk with people on both sides and to talk respectfully – you never know in what ways your eyes might be opened and how you might open another’s eyes.

  10. Brenda: Great comment! My hope is the pending lawsuit, with it’s depositions, actual rules of evidence. The justice system is corrupted in many ways, but no where near as corrupted as the executive and legislative branches. I hope we get a different judge this time.

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