There is Really Only One Impediment to Health Care Change in America – BIG PHARMA…

It is Time To Face The Fact That We Need to SHUT DOWN Big Pharma…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

We all watched the Republican Congress make fools of themselves over trying to, supposedly, Repeal and Replace ObamaCare.  Were they simply inept or was something else going on?

There are Four “SOMETHING ELSE” Things Going On…

(1)  Everyone knows that Big Pharma completely controls the liberal Main Stream Media (MSM).  They just do.  Pharma provides 70% of the TV news hour’s income.  So, they dictate “The News.”  Besides the constant manufacturing of “fear,” using their broadcasting, (so they can sell anxiety medicine)  they are responsible for the attack on our President…

(2)  Pharma’s influence in Congress.  Lately, there has been speculation that there might have been influence by Big Pharma to BLOCK changes to the Health Care System that makes them rich…  Of course there was – it never stops.  Aren’t there FIVE Pharma lobbyists for every Congressman now?

(3)  Big Pharma completely controls the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) by controlling the Department Heads under Tom Price.  How?  Big Pharma and US Health Care Agencies are a revolving door.  DHHS employees that do well for Pharma will move to Pharma at five times their government salary.  It is just the way it is.

(4)  Big Pharma uses our Federal and State governments to FORCE vaccines on our innocent children.  We need to get to the bottom of this, figure out exactly who is controlling and managing this,  who the perpetrators are, and put the “Death Penalty” on the table.

The New York Times said in September of 2016:

“Drug makers have been getting their $2.3 billion worth in Washington. That is how much they have spent lobbying Congress over the last decade. It may help explain why no legislative proposal to rein in rising prescription prices has gone anywhere. The latest outcry involving Mylan will put that hefty investment in influence to its biggest test.

American lawmakers are prodding the company about its decision to raise the list price on its EpiPen allergy medicine. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, and Representative Jason Chaffetz, Republican of Utah, are among the many elected officials to send letters to Mylan this week. It follows similar scrutiny of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International and Turing Pharmaceuticals. J. Michael Pearson, the former chief executive at Valeant, and Martin Shkreli, his former counterpart at Turing, were grilled by legislators this year.

The tough talk has led nowhere, though. Some 15 bills to curb drug prices, including one that would allow Americans to import from approved Canadian pharmacies where the same treatments are often cheaper, have been introduced in this Congress. Not one has made it out of lower committees. Another 119 similar proposals dating to 2005 suffered similar fates. Since 2009, lawmakers have been at loggerheads about pretty much everything, but tension over drug prices has been on the rise while the number of formal plans to address the problem has decreased.

All the while, the pharmaceutical industry has been spreading dollars around the nation’s capital. Drug makers doled out $240 million for lobbying purposes last year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, making it the biggest spender. The insurance industry was second, at $157 million.

At 17.5 percent of G.D.P. in 2014, American health care costs have been rising faster than pharma’s political tab. Prescription-drug spending increased by 8 percent last year, to about $322 billion. It’s expected to be worse in 2018, when fewer branded products lose patent protection, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reckons.

Public shaming goes only so far. Growing ire over rising prices for EpiPen and other drugs will put greater pressure on Congress to change policy to help patients with medication bills. The only question left may be whether the industry’s money is greener.”

But NOTHING has worked.  Big Pharma Runs America through it’s minions, like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell…

Paul Ryan and Mitch Mcconnell sold out America.  Period.  They did not do their jobs for the American people.

It is time to hunt down Big Pharma’s minions – and get them out of our system.

It is Time For a New Approach…

We all saw, this last week, President Trump go completely around Ryan and McConnell, directly to the Democratic Congressional leadership, to get things done.

It is no surprise that Trump and Bernie Sanders are on exactly the same page about Big Pharma.  It is time for a Bipartisan approach to fixing US Health Care – and we can start by making Big Pharma into Little Pharma….

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

8 thoughts on “There is Really Only One Impediment to Health Care Change in America – BIG PHARMA…”

  1. I subscribed to your newsletter the ‘Bolen Report’ through SOJ51 that I following. I’m finding it very interesting and informative on how Big Pharma has subverted the nation and politicians for their bottom line.

    After the republican party made mince meat on the repeal replace fiasco I’ve begun thinking in terms of a single-payer form of healthcare. Since the democratic party went completely bonkers on most all issues I couldn’t imagine voting for a democrat based on this one single issue since I’m a libertarian republican.

    I would like to see the non-establishment wing of the republican party adopt single-payer, but this is highly unlikely. A third party that would sway both conventional liberals and conservatives together may be the answer. But this is easier said than done and has the potential of causing havoc.

    I would like to know what your position is on the issue of single-payer for the US.

    Please reply.

  2. There is awareness that “the news” is the enemy of the people at this point. Most people see now that they are using the disasters to make political points. Jennifer Lawrence, Bill Mayer and all the Hollywood types are repulsing people.
    Something indeed needs to be done as for one example, the incidence of diabetes acquired during military service, autism…are simply undeniable.

  3. The people who contribute at Bolen Report still, for some reason, cannot find the energy to put dates on their articles. In order to figure out ABOUT when they were written, one has to hope there are some comments in the reader comment section because that’s the only place you’ll find a date. It’s very frustrating to share these articles and then people come back to me and say “well, when in the hell was this written”? Argh.

  4. D. Smith – the article dates are automatically put at the bottom left of each article along with the BolenReport Categories the article falls into.

    Tim Bolen

  5. You are spot on Mr. Bolen!! It is long past due to get our country back and out of the control of Big Pharma and their destruction to humanity!!

  6. For a game plan on this one I would consult Ralph Nader’s book ‘Unstoppable’ which outlines the needed alliance of left and right to bring down or reduce the corporate state. If we can get enough people in both parties (plus independents) to work together then we can make progress. Your petition is a good start. Also we need a proposal to stop the taxpayer subsidies of processed foods which are really causing a lot of the health problems. Get someone like Michael Pollan or Joel Salatin (or both!) to champion the cause. We all want a healthier life but they keep pushing all these detrimental shots and addictive foods / drugs at us from all sides. Give tax incentives for the healthy natural foods grown without farm chemicals and we can literally grow our way back to good health AND prosperity!

  7. Once again I find myself (12th September 2017, at 08.42 Berlin time, Mr., Mrs., or Miss Smith) a sort of “voice crying in the wilderness”.

    Why fight a huge, expensive and exhausting battle against a monster with tentacles up many rear ends when you can just go around it and let it die of starvation?

    The very foundation and intrinsic nature of the medico-pharmaceutical industry is lies, betrayal and fraud (Pasteur, Koch, Rockefeller, Fleming, Fishbein , etc., etc., ad nauseum). Attempts to take control of it can, therefore, only succeed by, yourself, going down to that level. At that level you are a liar, a fraudster and a betrayer of trust.

    YOU CANNOT BE HIGH AND LOW AT THE SAME TIME!!! only the one or the other.

    The basic assumption which leads many to attempt to fight the dragon is that there is, something, somewhere in there of value to mankind and that, by slaying the dragon, it can be rescued. This assumption is false! There is NOTHING of value there.

    If we just quickly pose the question, “Why is so called Medical Science based not upon 20th century quantum physics (as is every other branch of science) and 21st century quantum biophysics but upon disproven 17th century Newtonian Mechanics?” then we see a total rejection of science by the medico-pharmaceutical industry and its’ replacement with propaganda (fraud). Why do they reject modern scientific knowledge? Because these show conclusively and incontrovertibly not only that pharmaceutical medicine does not work but also precisely why it could never function as promised.
    There is nothing there of value, so just let it lie and die.

    The way forward is to show and to PROMOTE, Tim, that which does work.
    People cling to the medico-pharmaceutical industry solely from a belief that this is the only option even ‘though it mostly doesn’t work.
    Show them that which does work at a tiny fraction of the cost and, gradually, they, the prey of the medico-pharmaceutical industry, will desert it and the dragon will die of starvation.

    I have been telling you for most of this year about our breakthrough in removing autism and that we put it into production in July. Although you only pay for it if, as and when it has worked and that you decide how much to pay, you still have not even replied to me let alone ordered some to test. Why?

    Last week we made a new breakthrough and will shortly have something which completely eliminates vaccines, works, potentially, for many years and costs less than one hundred dollars per family. Implicit in this discovery is the potential to eliminate any need for anti-biotics, anti-viral and other medicines.

    That’s the way to go, Tim and all; don’t fight the dragon – let it starve to death.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

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