Is the RABID Media Out To Get You?

By Sharon Anshaw

Currently, while people are dying in earthquake rubble and suffering from massive, sometimes duplicate hurricane damage, the ‘illustrious media’ chooses to perpetuate the “knee” story.

After being through a recent hurricane myself, I was not surprised that the rabid media refused to cover the positive after effects of the hurricane disasters and earthquake disasters.

In my case, while hurricane Irma caused massive damage, the point that was constantly ignored, as it was in Harvey also, was that the federal government was PRO-active in making the disaster as minimal as possible.

The President didn’t wait until the disaster had occurred, he preempted the disaster by allowing funds and troops to be strategically placed for our recovery when the disaster was over.

That fact allowed for quick access to the people that needed it most.

When did you ever see that happen before? Certainly not during the last administration when that president was out playing golf while the people he was supposed to protect suffered.

But that’s not much of a news story.

Now we have a suicidal maniac with nuclear capabilities openly threatening our citizens, country and allies. Instead of putting blame on the maniac, it is our President who is blamed. Not because he isn’t doing anything, but because his verbal communication isn’t what they think is proper.

But again, that’s not much of a news story.

The big news story is a bunch of hypocritical, overpaid athletes disrespecting the country and the national anthem by “taking a knee”. This is mostly, it seems, because it is the latest “cool” thing to do.

It seems to me that the collective mentality of this group is no more than freshman age.

Lets do it because those guys are getting attention. Isn’t that cool? They are protesting the USA. It’s rules laws and foundation. Don’t let them kid you – it is part of the plot to change the USA to a socialist nation.

This latest craze of “the knee” is being totally blown out of proportion and – I believe – to divide the people.  Because a country divided is to their advantage. While the President is trying to bring the country together by showing how much he loves the country, and doing what is best for the country, the Media is pushing back. Acting like spoiled children that need a spanking.

The rabid media, with its Silicon Valley dark forces billionaires and financing by countless “corporate businesses and trusts” set up so no one can link the guilty persons directly back to them.

Keep in mind, these are the same forces that are trying to take over the country. Forcing people to do their bidding, whether it be vaccinations, taxes, healthcare, laws….and the list goes on and on.

It is all a distraction…

While this whole “knee” thing is going on, my first thought is “What are they up to now”? When we are distracted, they do something that will negatively affects us, that we don’t find out about until it has been implemented.

The control they demonstrate is mind boggling. Step back, distance yourself from the obvious and view the overall display.

It is everywhere. The government has covertly – or not so covertly changed the way the public thinks and its’ rabid media groups are the puppeteers pulling the strings.

Talk about a group of lemmings.

Is the media the new “pied piper” of our time? “turn right…they all go right. Turn left…they all go left. When you get to the cliff they don’t even question it”

Are the masses even paying attention? Probably not. With all the vaxx damage, medications, and peer pressure they can barely function anymore, let alone think for themselves. They cannot do things on their own without taking a picture and displaying it for approvals. They can no longer concentrate long enough to read past the first few lines, on anything. You think that tweet program was made to allow only short sentences by accident?

Especially the new age. The Millennials, who from the youngest age have had their brains manipulated with drugs, and then methodically taught to embrace anything that is against moral values, ethical values, or pure common sense.

Millennial’s are justifying putting a mental gag order on anyone that doesn’t believe as they do, because they cannot deal with original thoughts. They don’t even know that Freedom of Speech exists for all American Citizens. They have had their learned history manipulated by the generation before who also had their brains manipulated with drugs, etc.

Oh, and BTW, Freedom of speech does not include illegals.

Most families were struggling from the 60’s on, trying to make ends meet – to the point of mothers having to work rather than staying home to raise their children. Is that a feminist dig? No, it is an observation of what mother and father’s neglect accomplishes.
Then conveniently, new government programs were developed for “child care” where free thinking children were singled out as mischievous, or problematic and in need of medication so they fit into the curriculum.

They also created fun interesting shows on that new thing “TV’ that everyone was fascinated with. Shows that were examples of how you should be. How to model yourself to their idea of perfection.

Movies, newspapers and more TV followed. Children were without supervision and advice of parents so they were indoctrinated into the new order.

Can you say “Animal Farm”?

We didn’t pay attention. Maybe because we were so busy trying to make ends meet, we didn’t see the whole picture.

Maybe because we trusted people with our children we didn’t complain as long as they were clean and fed. Maybe because we were hushed, and ostracized so we couldn’t rock the boat on their plans, or worse if our voices became loud enough for many to hear.

Maybe because we were so busy doing our jobs that we didn’t have time to do the media’s job – which in case you have forgotten- is to report UNBIASED FACTUAL events.

Now we are paying the price. Now we are seeing the beginnings of what a society under socialist control looks like.

And the rabid media is controlling it all.

Doubt it?

The knee”. A talk show host who knows medical law. A college that has to cancel free speech week because it’s students are too sensitive to deal with it. Coloring books and play-dough in colleges. Rioting perpetuated by black hooded thugs against “whites”. Why, because they are white.

Still doubt it???

By Sharon Anshaw

2 thoughts on “Is the RABID Media Out To Get You?”

  1. The grandstanding of the knee issue is not surprising at all. It will always be something, anything to attack the free-speaking new President. Do these football players not realize there would be better ways to protest? Do they not realize the previous government has only helped them to be perpetual victims.

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