Private Citizens Taking a Stand To End Corruption In California State Government Over SB277…

By Candyce Estavecandyc7

On July 15, 2016, Twenty Six (26) plaintiffs, all California residents, filed a “Private Attorney General” law suit against Senator Richard Pan, Governor Brown, their spouses, and the other Democrats who voted to force kids to be fully vaccinated to go to school.

What they voted for was Senate Bill SB277.  It passed through all but the Commerce Committee, who didn’t have a voice. This committee was skipped.

There are 50 defendants.

On September 14, 2016, the Defendants were served…

Well most of them anyway. I am one of the Plaintiffs.

Before SB277 became law, I was invited to a “Bought” documentary screening and asked to speak on a panel after the viewing, to talk about my child’s vaccine injury. We pondered what could be done to end the corruption and how we could stop the proposed Senate Bill.

Out of the audience came a man who said he knew what could be done. Travis Middleton suggested we could sue these representatives for violating our Federal Constitution as well as our California Constitution. He is leading us in this fight.

Travis is not an attorney. He is a paralegal and a law researcher.

Travis is an African-American who is fully aware of our government’s war on African-Americans, Native American Indians, and the history of little regard for the lives of the minority.

We (the plaintiffs), are acting as Private Attorney General, which is in our right as private citizens. This is a multi-plaintiff suit under The Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act also known as R.I.C.O.. It is a civil action, not criminal. We are suing them in both private and professional capacity.

Here’s a peek at just how much money Pan and others received in campaign contributions from pharmaceutical companies.


Sen. Richard Pan*- D-Sacramento $95,150
Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins- D-San Diego $90,250
Sen. Ed Hernandez*- D-Azusa $67,750
Sen. Holly Mitchell*- D-Los Angeles $60,107
Assemblyman Brian Maienschein*- R-San Diego $59,879
Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León- D-Los Angeles $56,648
Sen. Isadore Hall- D-Compton $52,400
Sen. Jerry Hill- D-San Mateo $50,209
Assemblyman Henry Perea- D-Fresno $49,550
Assemblywoman Shirley Weber- D-San Diego $47,000
Assemblyman Mike Gatto- D-Los Angeles $46,491
Assemblywoman Susan A. Bonilla*- D-Concord $45,600
Sen. Andy Vidak- R-Hanford $42,800
Assemblyman Tom Daly- D-Anaheim $40,300
Assemblyman Kevin Mullin- D-South San Francisco $38,400
Assemblyman Adam Gray- D-Merced $37,000
Assemblyman Rob Bonta*- D-Alameda $36,750
Assemblyman Anthony Rendon- D-Lakewood $36,200
Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez*- D-Los Angeles $33,850
Assemblyman Richard Gordon- D-Menlo Park $33,100
*Member of the Assembly or Senate health committees

This information came from the Sacramento Bee.

California Senator Richard Pan…

This photo came from our team. The Sacramento Bee totals are included in the brief.


Senator Pan is a Pediatrician. He also introduced AB2109, the bill that would make it law to receive counseling to opt out of vaccines, just a year before introducing SB277.

At that time Pan indicated that parents should receive accurate information about
vaccines before choosing to opt out. I received 3 pieces of inaccurate information from my child’s pediatrician. Pan also, indicated that parents wouldn’t be stripped of their right to choose, and he wants kids to go to school.

See this short video proving his double speak, compliments of Josh Coleman.

At the time that SB277 was in Senate Hearings, Pan knew that Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at the CDC had come forward, and said the CDC had committed fraud by manipulating data, throwing out data, about the safety and efficacy of the MMR. They know that the vaccine is not safe. If they lied about that, who knows what other studies they lied about.

We know that Merck is already in court, as a result of 2 other whistle blowers coming forward about their manipulation of the data on the mumps portion of the MMR. These are vaccines we are forced to give our children. Our lawsuit targets the toxic ingredients in the vaccines.

In the link below take a look at this research that our friends, The Refusers, wrote about.

This Refusers article demonstrates how our County Health
Departments have conspired.

candyc8And then notice Charity Dean’s behavior, as Santa Barbara County’s Health Officer, in Sacramento!

At any rate, a RICO suit, I felt was an opportunity to stop the corruption and assault on our children and our own rights.

Our California law makers have gone way beyond the boundaries of integrity. They have used their official positions to bow down to pharmaceutical companies and take large sums of money to throw parents and children under the bus.

I feel it is my duty to take any action possible to spare all children from toxic vaccines. I consider the administration of vaccines a deliberate poisoning.

In fact I can’t hardly believe that vaccines are legal to begin with.

None have been held to the gold standard, double-blind placebo safety study. There hasn’t ever been a long term health outcome vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study. The cumulative effects of toxic ingredients in combination have never been studied.

Vaccines have never been studied for Carcinogens, mutagenesis and have not been studied for sterility. To mandate vaccines on kids to go to school is absolutely ludicrous and needs to end now.

We want discovery! I want all vaccines outlawed now!! We can’t wait. 54% of our children are chronically ill and average IQ’s are dropping. This assault on our children is unforgivable, and mandates for you are coming next! Here’s a road map of the plan!

Here are the charges. We have 16 charges that constitute RICO violations.

“131. At all relevant times herein, all Defendants and the Co-conspirators were “persons” within the meaning of RICO, 18 U.S.C. §§ 1961(3) and 1964(4).

132. At all relevant times herein, Defendants and Co-conspirators formed an association-in-fact for the specific purpose of extorting the constitutional rights of Plaintiffs, their school-age offspring and those similarly situated as such rights are guaranteed and secured by the First Amendment (right of deeply held spiritual beliefs in rejecting having certain animal and or human tissues or poisonous chemicals forced into their offspring’s bodies; the rights of parents to choose a particular medical procedure with respect to their offspring whether born or unborn; the right to informed consent over a medical procedure regarding their offspring); and, by the Fourth Amendment (the right of privacy and to be let alone by government, or anyone or any agency acting on government’s behalf); and, by the Fifth Amendment (the right not to be assaulted, maimed or killed with a needle filled with poisonous substances without due process of law, or the right not to lose their life, health, well-being or liberty without due process of law); and, by the Ninth Amendment (the fundamental and common law right of life, liberty, and right to protect the life, health, well-being and liberty of their offspring); and, by the Fourteenth Amendment (the right of due process of law before any rights may be taken away, and the equal protection of ALL laws state and federal including but not limited to the right to opt out of any tyrannical governmental medical experiment or treatment.

133. This association-in-fact was an “enterprise” within the meaning of RICO, 18 U.S.C. § 1961(4).

134. At all relevant times herein, this “law” making enterprise was engaged in, and its activities affected interstate and foreign commerce, within the meaning of RICO, 18 U.S.C. § 1961 (Sec.1951).

135. At all relevant times herein, all Defendants and other Co-conspirators associated with this enterprise conducted or participated directly or indirectly, in the conduct of the enterprise’s affairs through a “pattern of racketeering activity” within the meaning of 18 U.S.C. § 1961 (Sec. 1952), in violation of RICO, 18 U.S.C. § 1961 & 1962(C) and as alleged in paragraphs 98 through 134 above.

136. 18 U.S.C. § 1961 provides in pertinent parts: (1). “racketeering activity” means (A) any act or threat involving murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a controlled substance
or listed chemical (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act), which is chargeable under State law and punishable by imprisonment for more than one year; (B) any act which is indictable under any of the following provisions of title 18, United States Code: Section 201 (relating to bribery), section 1341 (relating to mail fraud), section 1343 (relating to wire fraud), section 1344 (relating to financial institution fraud), section 1503 (relating to obstruction of justice), section 1512 (relating to tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant), section 1513 (relating to retaliating against a witness, victim, or an informant), section 1951 (relating to interference with commerce, robbery, or extortion), section 1952 (relating to racketeering), 1958 (relating to use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire), sections 175–178 (relating to biological weapons), sections 229–229F (relating to chemical weapons).

137. Specifically, at all relevant times herein, Defendant legislators and other Co-conspirators engaged in “racketeering activity” within the meaning of 18 U.S.C. § 1961(1) by engaging in Obstruction of Justice in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1503 by corruptly influencing the outcome of the house and senate hearings to pass bill SB277; and, Perjury of their Oaths to the California and U.S. Constitutions resulting in treason and Seditious Conspiracy to overthrow the state and federal Constitutions; and further engaged in a Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1951 relating to interference with commerce, robbery, or extortion; and, further engaged in a Conspiracy to Racketeer in violation of section 1951 of section 1961 and 1962(d).

138. Extortion of Plaintiffs’ Liberty- A conviction for extortion within the meaning of the Hobbs Act requires that the Defendants obtained “property” or “liberty” from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, or fear, or under color of official right. 18 U.S.C. § 1503.

139. In furtherance of their racketeering and extortion scheme, the Defendants have used their offices, positions, influence, affiliates and sub agencies including but not limited to the Superintendent of Schools, the County Health Departments, local law enforcement, Child Protective Services and health care providers to threaten, intimidate, coerce and or incarcerate Plaintiffs (the parents of unvaccinated or partially vaccinated offspring) for bogus criminal charges including, Parental Negligence, Child Endangerment, Truancy, etc. should they fail to comply with Defendants’ unconstitutional bill.

140. The acts set forth above constitute a violation of one or more of the prohibited overt acts under 18 U.S.C. §1961 and 18 U.S.C. § 1962(c). All the Defendants and the other Co-conspirators each committed and/or aided and abetted the commission of two or more of these acts of racketeering activity.

141. The acts of racketeering activity referred to in the previous paragraphs constituted a “pattern of racketeering activity” within the meaning of 18 U.S.C. § 1961(5). The acts alleged were related to each other by virtue of common participates (all named efendants), a common victim (Plaintiffs, Plaintiffs’ offspring and others similarly situated), a common method of commission (closed door meetings and perjury of their oaths), and the common purpose and common result of extorting the constitutional rights of Plaintiffs and others similarly situated depriving said Plaintiffs or class of persons of equal protection of the laws or equal privileges and immunities under the law. The Defendant legislators and other Co-conspirators did commit the overt acts as alleged in this complaint in furtherance of conspiracy to the injury of Plaintiffs’ person or property and deprived Plaintiffs of Plaintiffs’ rights and or privileges as citizens of the united States America.

142. The Obstruction of Justice and Extortion of Rights scheme being committed by the Defendants have continued for over two years and threatens to continue despite the institution of this Complaint.

143. As a result of Defendants and the other Co-conspirators’ violations of 18 U.S.C. § 1961 & 1962(c), Plaintiffs have lost a substantial amount of their time, money, labor and constitutional freedoms as a result of the racketeering activities conducted in the fraudulent bill passing scheme and as part of the prohibited activities herein alleged.

144. As a result of their racketeering enterprise, Defendants are liable to the Plaintiffs for their losses in an amount to be determined at trial.

145. Pursuant to RICO, 18 U.S.C. § 1964(c), Plaintiffs are entitled to recover threefold their damages plus costs from Defendants. The Defendants’ acquisition, control and interest in this RICO enterprise were the proximate cause of damages and injury to Plaintiffs.”

You can view the entire lawsuit as a .pdf file here.

Our Representatives have been served.

They asked for a 30 day extension before responding. It was granted. Now they need to step up to the plate and defend themselves.

By Candyce Estave


24 thoughts on “Private Citizens Taking a Stand To End Corruption In California State Government Over SB277…”

  1. This is, I think, the info we’ve all been waiting for.

    Apply this principle to the Goldman Sachs / Committee on foreign Relations / Obama bin Barak / the Clintons / CDC / Lockheed Martin et. al. organisation and we have an indictment for “Conspiring to commit Crimes against Humanity”.

    Who is going to take the ball and run with it?

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  2. I believe commercial leins can be placed on all agents from all departments involved. Including the judges and caseworkers.

  3. I love the entire concept surrounding this case!! BUT unless you include all the failed vaccine induced herd immunity theory studies, it will go back to “Unavoidably Unsafe”. Our State government’s entire arguement is based upon this unproven theory. A theory they use to convince the majority for the Greater Good. And to Hell with the “very rare adverse reactions”. If you could tie together the history of failed studies, vaccine ingredients, pathetic safety studies, and then the fact that adverse reactions are not rare at all, then…..we may have a chance of succeeding, with not just this case, but setting a precedence for all other cases and vaccine mandates globally! Completely change the status quo from “safe and effective” to “dangerous and unnecessary”! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  4. Candyce Estave, Tim, et al: why not inivite Dr. Ben Carson to write a guest editorial? Where does he and his campaign stand? It would make for a great read.

  5. Jennifer, good observation on your part, but I think that it is better that this suit was done this way. The opposition has way more fraudulent studies they can provide, from institutions that they will argue trump any individual whistleblower or organization that we can use. But they cannot say mercury and aluminum are not toxic, as their own established science so declares it. I think that was a better strategy. Not to say that other suits using the vaccine studies to prove their case can’t succeed, and I hope they do, too. Let’s hope all angles can be covered. Thank you Candyce, Travis and all others involved in this lawsuit. What Karma implied above is true, this is the type of lawsuit that will scare the politicians into never again abusing their authority.

  6. “…against Senator Richard Pan, Governor Brown, their spouses, and the other Democrats…” (1st paragraph)
    How and why are spouses included? unless, of course, they themselves were somehow active participants in SB277. These include: Cindy Block, Dan Baker, Diana Nazarian, Jane Wood, Laurel Quirk, Erika McGuire, Bruce Wolk, Kristen Cooper, Judy McCarthy, and Kathy Stone (10spouses).

    How did the pharmaceutical firms and their lobbyists escape? or will there be additional lawsuits?

    This will make heads roll and the financial renumeration will not be cheap–far, far beyond anything that the pharmaceutical firms contributed! They’ll wish they never ran for office–will be a very long and drawn out affair unless they settle out of court, and don’t forget that they must also pay for their own counsel. I predict that they will not be running for reelection per their own brilliant choice…

  7. SHA-BANG!! Love it!!!!

    Finally….a brilliant strategy….hit ’em in the pocketbook without any cushions between them and US!!

    God Bless Candyce!!! And God Speed….

  8. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It actually used to be a enjoyment account it.
    Look complicated to more added agreeable from you! By the way, how can we be iin contact?

  9. I have heard that William Thompson has not been subpoenaed
    by congress to testify under conditions that would make it legal for him to speak of what he knows. Is it possible that he could be subpoenaed for another court case such as in connection with this suit?

  10. We need to put a stop to all of our Representatives who have sold us out to Big Pharma. Ban together to stop them. First step is to stop voting for Democrats and RINO’s who have sold out the American and California people. We need to take our Country and State back from Big Pharma. We will win this fight….

  11. The corruption in California runs a lot deeper and covers a lot more than what they are talking about here. If they want to fix CA they should VOTE the crooks out from the top down – the term ‘Democrat’ is just another word for Crooks, Bigots, racists and outright liars.

  12. stats for whooping cough USA:
    1940 no vaccine, rate was 150 per 100,000
    1970s rate was 0.5 per 100,000
    Then came the acellular pertussis vaccine? And a higher rate of vaccination.
    2012 230 cases per 100,000 people, all in kids born in the DTap era.
    No one born before DTAP vaccine, was getting whooping cough.
    CDC stats, all on my timeline, not sure how to post it here:
    angela coral eisenhauer facebook, please copy and paste anything.

    It is also KNOWN that before the vaccine fails, those Dtap kids still spread whooping cough, near constantly………….. So now they forcing parents, to make their children symptomless carriers, infecting newborn babies? And the vaccine is now causing more whooping cough, than before vaccines were invented? Yes, USA has 23 times the rate of the rest of the world for whooping cough now……. and they want to jab more??????????????

  13. You are wrong about the not being able to prove the Dtap doesnt work, so many references now………… the vaccinated herd, is the cesspool of whooping cough now, the vaccinated, spread it, over and over, they just dont get symptoms until the vaccine fails, and fail it does, 3 years approx after last jab. 230 kids now a year, for every 100,000 people, ie 230 kids for every 20,000 vaccinated kids a year! Look at the CDC chart on my page! No one wants to listen. I am a pathologist, I tested the kids in 2010, in Australia, all fully vaccinated, all aged 6-12 all Dtap vaccinated. USA, was worse than the 180 out of 100,000 we had in Australlia since 2011.

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