The NEW Lawsuit(s) Against California’s Efforts to Take Control of ALL Children Away From Parents…

Yes, Yes, It’s Coming.  Take a deep breath…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

I know, I know, the question I get most often is “where is the new lawsuit against SB 277?”

It’s coming…

Why is it taking so long?

(1)  The most obvious reason is that the new case had to take into consideration the makeup of the new US Supreme Court after the presidential election.

(2)  The most important reason, however, was that the case has national, and international, implications – and has to be designed to take that into consideration.

(3)  Then, of course, the Communist Regime in California added a second layer of concern – California Senate Bill 18 (SB 18) designed to take ALL control of children away from California parents and make those children little socialist performance tools of the State.

California is the Test State for the Globalist Democrats…

What is happening in California is what was planned for the entire US under the “Empress Hillary” Regime.  It is a dry run…

Fortunately, the American Public caught on in time, and despite all of those dead people in Chicago graveyards voting solidly for Hillary, the final vote went for America’s Choice Donald Trump.

One Political Pundit tells me that Hillary seems to have captured 100% of the Dead Veteran vote, nationwide – all of which came in as “Absentee Ballots”…

Maybe we were all wrong about Hillary not having any crowds at her rallies? Maybe we just couldn’t see them?  Maybe they were all ghosts from the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and the deserts?  Hmmm…  Look at it THAT way, and you can see why they were all “Absentee Ballots.”  Did anyone look too see where they were “Postmarked” from? (dark humor intended).

And, of course Hillary COMMANDED the Illegal Alien vote – but, hey, we all expected THAT, right?

Sarcasm intended…

The IBTimes said of Clinton:

James Steyer of “Common Sense Media” – sponsor of California SB 18, the legislation to take all California children away from their parents.

“During her first public speaking engagement since her concession speech, Clinton accepted defeat but encouraged American’s to continue to push forward and focus on making changes that will benefit the children of the country.”

“I know this isn’t easy. I know that over the past week a lot of people have asked themselves whether America was the country we thought it was. The divisions laid bare by this election run deep. But please listen to me when I say this: America is worth it. Our children are worth it,” she said Wednesday night.

Now, we can see the Globalist Plan – a complete State takeover of our children…

There is an interesting group in California called “Democrats Against UN Agenda 21.”  I encourage you to familiarize yourself with their website.

Why?  Two reasons.

(1)  I tend to pick on liberal Democrats a lot, leaving the impression that they are, as a whole, shallow self-serving entitlement dolts incapable of complete sentences and coherent thought beyond analyzing the latest TV episode of Honey Boo-Boo while ordering silk panties on-line for the men in their lives.

Considering what happened in California over SB277 (the bill to force-vaccinate all California children with untested Made-in-China death pus tubelets)) it would be hard to refute my analysis of what actually happened with BOTH sides of the SB277 arguments.

But, I am going to show you a group of Democrats right here in California that, frankly, reminds me of the OLD Democratic Party – like during the Jack Kennedy days. I already mentioned their name, just above.

(2)  With this group of California Democrats there just might be a chance to revive the two-party system.

Why do I say that?


Read what they have to say about “Common Core….”

“Common Core is UN Agenda 21

Common Core is an integral part of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development: globalization is the standardization of systems.

Whether the system is law enforcement or land use or government, the standardization, harmonization, and integration of all international methods of management is essential for total control.  

Education is the flash point for embedding system acceptance in all sectors of the population.  Standardized propaganda is developed for pre-kindergarten to post graduate school; this is what is meant by ‘Life Long Learning.’  

Breaking down traditional methods of learning in order to re-socialize the populace is the goal.  Obedient, dependent people who are constantly being propagandized will provide the ‘human capital’ to fully implement UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.

Regardless of the content of this nationalized and internationalized system of behavioral modification, the goal and outcome will be to fundamentally destroy the individual’s rights.”

Read paragraphs three, four, and five, just above, once again…

The sleazy GLOBALISTS got stopped DEAD nationally with their plan to destroy America’s middle class November 8th, 2016. 

Of course California is their fall-back position.  It is perfect for it.  It is a completely controlled by a well-funded ultra-liberal inherently corrupt self-serving Democratic Party political machine.

California’s reputation is no secret word-wide.  The Washington Times tells us in an editorial:

EDITORIAL: One law for us, another for you

California’s legislative hypocrisy a failure of democracy

This is just one of many bills Golden State politicians used this legislative session to set themselves apart from the little people, the ones who pay their inflated salaries. Annual compensation for legislators averages about $140,000, not counting luxurious perks such as taxpayer-funded cars and free gasoline. By comparison, the average Californian earns $50,000 a year, and the unemployment rate is 11.9 percent – far above the national average. Exact salaries for state assemblymen and senators are obscured by the use of a “per diem” payment scheme that shelters a significant chunk of income from taxation.”

I guess an argument over holiday parking spots at the mall will have a brutal outcome when Senator Pan whips out his “Dirty Harry” gun and pistol-whips a Sacramento area Socker Mom.

In short, the political situation, and the arguments involving mandatory vaccines, and who has control of children (parents or the State) have GROWN into a nationwide issue…

Before the new lawsuit is filed a lot more research into the situation needs to be done.

Besides the constitutional questions, with what came out of the presidential election campaign regarding Democratic Party “sex-with-children” issues, it is a good time to examine JUST EXACTLY WHAT Senator Dick Pan had in mind when he wrote that section of Senate Bill 18 where he said children should have “The right to form healthy attachments with adults responsible for their care and well-being.”

I get a mind-picture of an eleven-year old little girl coming home from school all excited because she has just been told she is going on a State-required Civics Class “field trip” over the weekend with an airplane ride to a private island saying:  “Gee Mom, there’s going to be a former US President there named Bill Clinton, a former Speaker-of-the House named Dennis Hastert, a former US Congressman named Anthony Weiner, and the airplane is made just for little girls because it’s called “The Lolita Express.”  I know I’ll learn a lot…”


On January 20th, 2017 there will be a new President in the White House – one who has no doubts about which bathroom to use.  That President is picking a new Attorney General, and a head of the FBI, both of which, I’d wager, are going to take a much harder look at those 650,000 e-mails the New York City Police Department found on Anthony Weiner’s computer.

As Trump confidant Roger Stone on his website  StoneColdTruth says:

“Metaphorically the Huma-Weiner emails are like Nixon’s Watergate tapes. They are indelible. They are Damning and their content cannot be contained because too many people have full copies. My sources tell me that the files include evidence of treason, self-dealing pay for play, corruption, sexual exploitation of children and far more detail on the Clinton’s sorted relationship with the billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein.”

I think we’ve JUST GOTTEN STARTED  looking into what the Democratic Party REALLY has in mind for our children with Senate Bills 277 and 18.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

3 thoughts on “The NEW Lawsuit(s) Against California’s Efforts to Take Control of ALL Children Away From Parents…”

  1. The fact that more parents in CA aren’t alarmed by SB 18 is very disheartening. You are correct; they have been indoctrinated. Scary things happening in CA.

  2. “The fact that more parents in CA aren’t alarmed by SB 18 is very disheartening. ”

    Yes, it is, but on the other hand most parents in California aren’t AWARE of SB 18, for a great many reasons. When you review some of the better polls, most parents in California are PRO vaccine; some are definitely pro mandate as well. The pockets of regions in California where higher than average vaccine exemptions are used is not representative of the state at large.

    Unless/until the mainstream, including our court/judicial system, recognizes the corruption within our medical institutions, then the filing of any lawsuit most likely will not change the status quo. Our judicial system, as it now stands, falls back on mainstream mantra considered today to be valid, i.e., that vaccines are beneficial to most and the risks are worth the effort in mandating vaccines for all.

    Until it is fully recognized by our mainstream that corruption is rampant and that our medical institutions have peddled false/misleading info. about the safety/efficacy of vaccines, the filing of any such lawsuit will do nothing to push this paradigm.

    The corruption within the underbelly of our medical hierarchies needs to be exposed, but not only exposed, but exposed in such a way that the public’s perception is permanently altered as such.

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