My WAR With That Blankety-Blank Bobby Kennedy Jr…

He’s (Gasp!) Giving Democrats A GOOD Name…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Everybody knows that I, Tim Bolen, am, politically, about ten steps to the right of that wimp “Attila The Hun.”  Generally speaking, I use the term “Democrat” as a synonym for the phrase “toothless idiot.”

If I use the words “California Democrat” I am referring to a State full of Hillary copies all wanting to have complete control of other people’s children outside of the view of their parents while the human feces and the needles piles up in the “Sanctuary City” streets.

Democratic party controlled California is the place where MOST of the US homeless encampments (Pelosi-villes) are.  It is also the place where the liberals’ unemployable offspring, with degrees in “Hispanic Transgender Gay & Lesbisn Studies,” hang out in Starbucks, drinking eight (8) dollar cups of coffee,  complaining about Trump ruining their lives.

All across America, these days, “Democrats” are pushing legislation to force deadly, and damaging vaccines, on America’s children.  Republicans are resisting that.

So, as you can tell, if you are looking for praise over what Democrats do, don’t look here.

Then, along comes that blankety-blank Bobby Kennedy Jr…

Yes, he’s a Democrat (insert swear words here).  Not only that, but he is a good person.  In fact a VERY GOOD person.

What in the hell am I going to do?  He is ruining my depiction of the 2019 Democratic Party…

I DEFINITELY  do not want him to shut up and go away.  He is doing damned fine work.  And, there is NO WAY I am going to get him to turn Republican.

Then it dawned on me – Bobby is different.  He is “Old School Democrat.”  He is the absolute epitome of what the Democratic Party used to be…

Before the haters made it dirty…

When Bobby made that twenty two minute speech about vaccines…

I sent him a note.  It said:

“You remind me, in all the best ways, of your father and your uncle Jack’s speeches – for what you say comes from what you are.  Good for you…”

As I was setting up to write THIS article I realized something – most of my readers are too young to have been there in the days of Camelot.  The days when I, Tim Bolen, and millions of other young and old, were “Kennedy Democrats.”  Halcyon days.  The world was fresh,  Optimism reined.  We were going to solve all of the world’s problems.

I, Tim Bolen, was there.  I lived it.  I still do.

I went and found a video of Bobby’s father speaking to a group of Columbia University students when he first ran for US Senator in New York State in 1964 – fifty-five years ago. I remembered it like it happened just last week.  It is just below.  It is twenty nine minutes long.  Watch the first eight minutes and you will get a sense for what was happening in America in 1964, and what America lost.

It was after Robert F. Kennedy Sr. was murdered in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California on June 6th, 1968 that I turned COMPLETELY away from the Democratic Party.  Camelot was dead.  Had Bobby Kennedy lived, and been the candidate for President that year, I might still be a Democrat.

Do you see where Bobby comes from?

Do you suppose there might be a day, in America, where people from both political parties can work together again without hatred?

I was talking, a while ago, with one of Michael Moore’s Documentary Producers.  We were at dinner.  My wife Jan wasn’t, quite yet, kicking me under the table, noticing where my conversation was heading, but she was starting to move into position.  What we were discussing was “the good old days” in Michigan (Michael was from Pontiac, and I am from Detroit and Grand Rapids) where Democrats and Republicans shared picnics in the park, played softball together, and married their children off to each other’s families.

“The good old days…”

I’m watching you Bobby Kennedy Jr…

In this war we are on the same side, Bobby.  And I wish you success.

When I am speaking of 2019 “Democrats,” Bobby, and you can hear the sneer in my voice, I’m NOT talking about you…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen



15 thoughts on “My WAR With That Blankety-Blank Bobby Kennedy Jr…”

  1. Hey, I am a Canadian (and proud of it) and I too lived the dream, and cried bitterly when “it” happened.

  2. I stand 1000% more with Bobby Kennedy, Jr. than with you.

    If you wish to lose more than 50% of your support, continue to question the wisdom and ethics and strategies of Robert Kennedy, Jr.

  3. Please STOP this bullshit about Democrats being soft. Democrats AND Republicans support vaccine mandates, and we NEED to support ANYONE who questions these mandates, left, right, or center!

    I stand 1000% more with Bobby Kennedy, Jr. than with you.

    If you wish to lose more than 50% of your support, continue to question the wisdom and ethics and strategies of Robert Kennedy, Jr.

  4. Dana: You’ve misunderstood the post. Tim is with RFK, Jr., and all the rest of us in this fight against the mass poisoning of all children, in the U.S., and everywhere else. Tim only pisses me off when he sings the praises of the Republicans, whom I don’t respect, either, except those here in California. Trump hasn’t done a single thing for us. He has room, now, with the Russian-collusion hoax behind him. Maybe he’s lost interest? He (Trump) is no longer on my good list, with the stupid war-against-Iran blustering. I’m a Tulsi Gabbard fan now, though she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anywhere with her candidacy because of the slimeballs who run the DNC. Their surname starts with C, which stands for criminal.

  5. Dana, you have no sense of humor…

    Except for Bobby Democrats ALWAYS support mandates. In is in their DNA..

    We here at the BolenReport support Bobby Kennedy Jr 10,000 %…

    And Dana my subscriber list almost doubles every six months. I’ve had to upgrade my web hosting. (It’s probably the Russians, right?

  6. Tim, I see your 10,000% and raise you 10,000%. RFK jr is the only Kennedy who walks the walk of his father, “see wrong and try to right it; see suffering and try to heal it; see war and try to stop it.”

    Remember Eldridge Cleaver, ” If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. The D’s and R’s (at the federal level) are the problem, RFK jr. and his allies are part of the solution.

  7. While it is true that many of the “60’s” Democrats were similar to today’s Republicans, and they voiced many of the correct questions and concerns, their answers were and are still the same – BIGGER GOVERNMENT, MORE SOCIALISM, less concern about communism and fewer individual freedoms. The Great Society has failed, affirmative action has largely turned into reverse discrimination and the country is fraught with an attitude of entitlement. AOC has the same concerns Bobby Kennedy had, and l believe legitimately and honestly so. Her absurd progressive solutions lead to the same place Kennedy’s eventually would have, only now due to the compromising of gutless and uninvolved Christians, politicians instead of statesmen, corrupt political machines and the purposeful dumbing down of the people, we’re a lot closer to losing freedom than we were then.

  8. I neglected to mention that irregardless of other disagreements, I definitely applaud the current Robert Kennedy for his considerable effort to expose the truth about vacinations.

  9. Tim, it is you who has no sense of humor. And your champion, “Mafia Don,” has not lifted one finger for vaccine safety…and in fact, Mafia Don has appointed awful people to be in charge of the CDC, the FDA, and HHS.

    As for mandates, the Republicans are as bad as the Democrats.

    As for your “humor,” I look forward to seeing it. Saying that you are “watching” RFK Jr is not exactly humorous…and instead is quite eery.

    As for the popularity of your website, here’s where you are very funny. According to the Alexa ranking order of websites, your website is ranked in the top 1.1 million websites (in other words, over 1.1 million websites (!) have more traffic than you do). This means that the traffic to your website is extraordinarily low. People may be “signing up” for your website, but they are not visiting it much.

    My own little website is in the top 300,000 websites…in other words, you’re way way behind a website with a narrow focus on homeopathic medicine. You cannot lie, and get away with it. Just because Mafia Don is addicted to mistruths doesn’t mean that others can ignore the truth and make up facts.

    For the record, the “Alexa” ranking of website has nothing to do with Amazon’s Alexa…it is a totally different company…and this Alexa ranking tool is a very useful thing to know about!

  10. Dana Ullman- It is too bad you have such an unpleasant attitude, which, from what I know about you, and have heard about you, is NORMAL..

    Worse Dana, is that your first two comments, here on this article, served to show who and what YOU really are – obviously, you never even read the article before you went into a tirade. So you embarrassed yourself.

    Go look in the mirror and see what a fool looks like?

    I have no idea which experiences, or food items, in your life have caused you to act with such an unpleasant, hate-everybody-and-everything approach.

    Perhaps it would be worthwhile for you to go to one of those alternative practitioners that do heavy metal testing. I am sure there are some near you.

    Or, maybe you could find a Homeopath to show you a different road.

    Perhaps you have just been a California Democrat a little too long. Say “Hi” to Senator Dicky Pan for us while you navigate around the needles on your squishy/smelly streets, Dana.

    But, for the comfort of my readers you have now been banned.

    Have a nice day – if that’s possible for you. Maybe your Mom could get you a glass of milk and a cookie?

  11. Hi Tim!

    I came to tell you, this is in my top 10 favorites but I can never resist reading the other comments first, LOL

    Fools never seem know when to just apologize & say no more, much less actually go back & revisit the site of their blunder!

    Anyway, top website or not, you’re one of my, personal favorites & that’s my expert rating! (Certainly more important than the foolish, newly departed)

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