Jonelle Elgaway

For the last 24 years Jonelle Elgaway has dealt with several rare diseases and chronic health issues. She was in a life altering car accident at age 16, breaking her C3-C4 vertebrae.

She recovered and went on to play on the B squad 1996 Olympic team for field hockey and won an athletic scholarship to The Ohio State University. She graduated with BAs in English (Racism, Feminism and Gender) and International politics.

Out of college she worked as an undercover agent at a private law enforcement firm. As her health digressed she took a job at JP Morgan Chase within the mortgage department and created a company flipping houses until she became permanently disabled.

She spent years trying to figure out how to advocate and give back. May 2017 she created an internet talk show called Conspiracies Against Wellness (CAW), which airs 8/7c every Tuesday and Wednesday. She has created a platform for doctors,
scientists, authors and the everyday person to share their professional expertise or personal journeys to educate listeners on the TRUTH without censorship. This is something you won’t hear from main stream media outlets.

She plans to launch her new network CAW360 NETWORK with several hosts and shows, blog, virtual online store and interactive library/database.

You can check out a live show or archived shows at

She will be speaking in front of Congress April 26th 12pm-2pm at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC on behalf of intractable pain patients.