In The Face Of All This Political Chaos – What Are We Doing To Fix US Health Care?

Actually, Not A Lot…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

There is an old joke that goes “I used to be a Democrat but then the pimples cleared up…”

These days it is hard to make a joke about the current Democratic Party, for they are not within an American description.  Democratic legislators, and certainly All 2020 presidential candidates, focus ONLY on socialist/communist/sexual deviance concepts – massive government intruding on every aspect of daily life with orders issued by its own self-styled elite that allows NO deviation from the script.

As far as Health Care goes, the Democrats, during the mid-term elections, made promise-after-promise to focus on issues like Health Care.  But did they?  Nope.  All they have time for is impeaching our President.  Not one second to reduce prescription costs.

Realization has hit them hard…

Today’s Democrats live in their own bubble convincing themselves, over their Starbucks lattes, that they, in fact, are America’s elite, blah, blah, blah…

Election 2016 hit them solidly on the nose, and those they labeled “Toothless Deplorables” went to a Trump Rally and on to the voting booths across America.  Only in places like “Voter Fraud Central” California were the Democrats successful.

The Dems, totally in shock, decided that the election was some kind of grand fluke, that THEY, in fact, had the power to turn things around for didn’t they own the liberal media outright?  Hadn’t Obama appointed key people into key agencies so as to control the government?  They decided that a “Russian influence” story would do the trick.  Look where THAT went.

The Marxist Secular Humanist Democrats had TOTALLY  miscalculated the situation. 

They had mistakenly took American Judeo/Christians kindness and niceness as a weakness.  They paid no attention to the fact that we American Judeo/Christians had brought the “Ten Commandments” into society and we damn well mean to see those rules followed.  Break those rules at your own peril.

The Democrats never paid attention that we can politely, and nicely, issue firing squad orders after the results of a jury trial.  They, for sure, never figured “We the People” would bitch-slap them around the way we have been doing.

Horror of horrors to the lib Dems was the realization that they were going to lose Election 2020 in a Trump 80-20 landslide, no matter how much voter fraud they could bring to bear.

So, here we are…

So, where are we in solving America’s health care issues?

Let’s start with what the Democrats are doing.  They are promoting Mandatory Vaccines for children and adults, across America.  That’s it.  THAT is their US health care plan.  Big Pharma is funding their election campaigns nationwide.  So, what’s their plan?  “MediCare for all?”  Why not just move the White House Staff onto the third floor of Merck’s office building?

What are the Republicans doing?  Not a lot, either.

Trump is trying – but the Democrats HATE everything about him, and ALL of us, the Judeo/Christian base.  If you watched the last Democratic Party presidential debates, it became evident that the TOP INTEREST of the Democratic Party is the promotion and justification of sexual deviance in all of its forms.

There is no question that the Democratic Party structure absolutely HATES the idea that heterosexuality exists at all – and that a man and a woman would sleep in the same bed, have sex, and procreate children.  To them that fact is against everything they believe in.  From the Huffington Post:

Almost three hours into the Democratic debate Tuesday night, neither the presidential candidates nor viewers seemed all too impressed when CNN host Anderson Cooper wrapped up the night with a question about Ellen DeGeneres and George W. Bush’s friendship ― despite not bringing up climate change once.

“Last week, Ellen Degeneres was criticized after she and former President George W. Bush were seen laughing together at a football game. Ellen defended their friendship, saying, ‘We’re all different and I think that we’ve forgotten that that’s OK, that we’re all different,’” Cooper said at the conclusion of the debate. “So in that spirit, we’d like you to tell us about a friendship that you’ve had that would surprise us and what impacts it’s had on you and your beliefs.”

Are you kidding me?  The wrap-up question for the entire Democratic Party Presidential Debate was demanding to know “how many homosexual friends you have?  And “how special” those relationships are?”


Our government is frozen…

Before we can fix health care or, actually, any issue, we need to get America back on its original track.  We need to quit beating around the bush on issues and start talking about what is really important.

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

10 thoughts on “In The Face Of All This Political Chaos – What Are We Doing To Fix US Health Care?”

  1. The healthcare issue is important. Anyone claiming to be a center leaning Libertarian or Republican that thinks if healthcare was nationalized in some form it would end there. And then the world is complete. Such thinking is nonsense. I know, personally, because I went through a 2 year period thinking this garbage.

    It’s hard to imagine Congress passing bills that would force down private healthcare costs now, but that’s what needs to occur.

    Healthcare costs should be forced down across the board and health insurance companies mandated by law to restructure. This would mean healthcare insurance cos. are either reduced in numbers or increased. Meaning, more insurance cos. or fewer creating monopolies and regulated heavily by govt.

    My idea is more insurance companies creating intense competition. But strictly with healthcare the former may be answer?

    Another idea could be say, e.a., since this isn’t going to happen, maybe states or regions (states combining) could implement these measures. Of course, it can be argued such measures is prelude to Civil War.

    It could intensify the economic Civil War already in progress now creating an overwhelming effect forcing other states to accept a newly restructured private healthcare system.

    Healthcare and insurance should be restructured back to pre 1965 Civil Rights Act LBJ era, prior to Healthcare/insurance collaborating driving up costs by outright fraud.

  2. 1) Ralph… what’s happening on the law suit to force the INSURERS TO USE CODES FOR ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES?

    2) Did that insurance group of alternative therapists in hawaii ever make it to reality…?

    3) Has anyone tried to access the ASSOCIATION HEALTHCARE rules that Trump and Paul got through the backdoor of Executive Orders so that groups who had excellent health results could get the reductions they deserved….?

    4) What happened to the more ‘mainstream’ FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE *SPECIALISTS* with health-coaching assistants put through TRAINING PROGRAMS done with their KNEW insurance plans?

    5) One hospital was accepting staff FOR THEIR ER DPT from a NATUROPATHIC COLLEGE and it was successful as a program.. is that the only HOSPITAL making progress?

    6) There seems to be movement in the BRAIN INJURY CARE due to the efforts of people like Cavin Balaster, and others to improve nutrition and therapies… patient by patient

    7) The orthomolecular breakthrough on SEPSIS survival using IV-C/B1/hydrocortisone-cocktail made some media-waves but it didn’t reach us in rural areas.. where else…?

    8) New Zealand has a blood-sugar-size meter to measure VITAMIN C in the blood.. the announcement came in advance but not a sign since… was that connected to the 60MINUTES fame of the Aussie/NZ farmer surviving SARS+leukemia in spite of the hospital trying to pull the plug?

    9) There appears to be a big rush on celery juicing due to a ‘mystic’ like Cayce and his theory of hidden Epstein-Barr virus behind auto-immune floods.

    10) In spite of the FB/Google/etc attempts to crush ideas counter to the FDA/CDC/AMA etc, patients with similar ‘diseases’ or interests in alternative therapies are flourishing…. people are INVESTING in ENERGY MEDICINE/HBOT and VITAMIN THERAPIES and such devices … putting $$$ on the table and comparing results

    With so many different agendas appearing, it would maybe be the moment to focus on hospitals adding alternatives in a big way… one hospital put a garden on the roof and was writing prescriptions for veggies… PATIENT RIGHTS FOR RECOVERY ought to be MATCH WHAT THEY COULD HAVE AT HOME… agreed?

  3. another question for Ralph on his background on AMA ‘insurance codes’ that may offer a path…

    What does this mean… “If enough people use the Category III Code, it can become a Category I Code, which in most cases means it is reimbursable by insurance.”

    Apparently the HEALTH COACHES training has pried a ‘category III’ out of the AMA… and the health coach organizers are celebrating.. they say… “CPT Codes are what doctors and other health professionals submit in order to bill a given procedure to insurance. A procedure with the designation Category III means it’s been identified as a promising new procedure and is now trackable.”

    Meanwhile the democrats-on-the-ground [not the impeachment clowns].. are making that big push for MEDICARE FOR ALL… if they can snap the fools in congress awake… Does anyone know if they are talking about MEDICARE PART A or if they are insane enough to want PART B, D etc…. ??

    Could Part A [hospitalization] be negotiated to include Category III options… ? Hope Ralph has clues…… ttyl

  4. I think the end game is to ditch/end most of the federal bureaucracy. If you have explored the “Q” conspiracy theory, you may be aware of an apparent effort from military patriots to restore the country. I’ve followed the Q posts on 8chan (soon to return as 8kun) plus read them in sites such as I believe the patriots are in control (maybe better to say our God is in control) but that due to many decades of corruption, fraud and propaganda the population needs “the Great Awakening” in order to handle the truth and move forward. Q has referenced the Declaration of Independence many times, giving me the hope that ” We the People” as well as free-thinking individuals will get to exercise our free will in determining our own course and the course of the country. Trump’s EO on the flu vaccine enables us to consider the safety of the flu vaccine as a matter of National Security and involves the DoD, I believe. Given the scandal in the military brought about by a squalene adjuvanted anthrax vaccine which may have caused most/much of the Gulf War Syndrome I think we may all live to see public trials and the public “consequences” of committing acts of genocide under the color of ” public health” policy. I follow the Twitter account of Joe M and listen to the Mark Taylor (official) YT channel to stay informed on what is going on behind the scenes and in the spiritual realm.

  5. yikes… here i thought Ralph’s court case was a huge discovery.. his client is battling an ‘old’ annoying scam.

    Considering the pattern in Strike1 and Strike2, it looks like we’d need RFK,jr as head of DHHS in order to get this door for alternative med open. Can you imagine the faces at CDC and the FDA if Trump announced his surprise new cabinet member, rotfl


  6. Election fraud (mostly by the Repubs lately, some by the Dems) has been extensively documented. In the past, say the 1960 election of JFK, the Dems were hip deep in it too. But “Voter Fraud” has been touted over and over, but no significant evidence is ever produced. Why would an individual risk 5 years in jail to vote twice? Highly unlikely. I would like you to produce some significant evidence of voter fraud, otherwise stop bringing up that trope.

  7. I don’t like to be suspicious of other commenters on blog posts here, but Roger’s remarks seem off the mark and troll-like (often paid by Big Pharma). For one thing, voter fraud encompasses vastly more than “an individual” voting twice. (Focussing on just that is very much like pretending that vaccine safety is only about whether the MMR causes autism and then producing “fake science” to “prove” that it doesn’t.) Second, though election fraud is most likely a bipartisan failing, Democrats seem especially adept at it. Frankly, at this point I don’t see Democrats getting into significant political offices EXCEPT by some form of election tampering. Like a Biblical Pharisee about to lose “market share” to the true Son of God, Roger demands “proof” of the obvious.

  8. Roger – The two terms “Voter Fraud” and “Democratic Party” are synonyms. One equals the other. California is the latest example.

    There is an old joke in Chicago that says “don’t worry, even after you die we’ll make your vote live on for a hundred years – you’ll vote solid Democratic Party…”

    In California, we know, upwards of 500 people live in the same one-bedroom apartment, and all vote Democrat by mail… And there are tens of thousands of those one-bedroom apartments.

    In the last election 155% of actually registered voters in Los Angeles County voted in the last election, 99% of which voted Democratic Party. Since ACTUAL voter turnouts NEVER go over about 45% I wonder how THAT 155% could have happened.

    There is a growing suspicion that California might actually, if only real live voters were counted, be a RED STATE…

  9. Roger, wth were you when O’Keefe [Project Veritas] was doing the undercover recordings of what was going on in democrat crooked voting in 2018.? The idiocy of such a risky method shows no recognition of the real methods displayed in 2018. From ‘harvesting’ where they went door-to-door for elderly and sick people to ‘collect’ their ballots [that had not been seen before nor understood]… where the administrators in Florida had workers sitting in a back room ‘CORRECTING’ ballots [affidavit from worker who observed and was fired promptly after witnessing it]… the use of DEAD VOTERS, and MOVED-AWAY voters whose names were never removed from the approvable list… and yeah the people allowing NON-CITIZENS TO VOTE were downright fearless in saying their admin was ok with it……. wake up

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