I think Trump is Getting Ready to Punch Vaccine-Induced Autism in the Face!

By Kent Heckenlively, J.D.

I’ve been wanting to write this article for a long time.  I’ve been waiting years for the moment to arrive when the normal rules which govern human behavior begin to reassert themselves.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that when some child falls down a well and can’t immediately be rescued, the whole country stops, prays, and holds its collective breath until that child is rescued.  Have two crazed lunatics set off bombs at the Boston Marathon and the city will push itself to the very limits of endurance until the perpetrators are caught.  Our televisions are filled with images of sick children asking for money for the hospital which cares for them and we are moved.

Nothing even remotely similar happens for autism families. 

Our children have fallen down the well of neurological injury, and not only are we ignored, but we are actively attacked for saying that vaccines caused these injuries, and are doing so on a massive scale.

Years before Hillary Clinton used the expression, “basket of deplorables” we knew that was how the mercenary media, propped up by their pharma dollars, portrayed us to the public.

Our public health authorities and the pharmaceutical companies have blown apart the health of a generation of children and yet the public is strangely silent.  Instead, we who point out this carnage are depicted as the enemy.  Like the vassals of some totalitarian state, the public outrage is directed at those who simply point out the truth.

Our children are sick and nobody comes to our aid. 


I guess that some victims are more important than others.

Don’t believe me?  I encourage you to read the Wiki-Leaks email from February of 2016 where Hillary Clinton’s staffers discuss the vaccine/autism issue.  Yes, they admit, in 2008 Barack Obama said that vaccines and autism need to be investigated and that we should have an “Autism Czar”.  Hillary Clinton and John McCain said similar things.  Well, eight years later, Obama is done with the White House, hanging out in Palm Springs, and we have no “Autism Czar”.  Eight years ago my daughter who has seizures and autism was ten years old.  Now she is eighteen.  Forgive me if I say I am damned glad that the Obama years are now on the garbage heap of history.

And what of our new President, Donald J. Trump? 

Starting in 2012 (and probably earlier) he was open to hearing information from Dr. Gary Kompothecras of Florida about the massive increase in immunizations and even started tweeting and speaking openly about it.

In the Republican debate of September of 2015 at the Reagan Library he took a direct shot from CNN anchor, Jake Tapper, (who ten years earlier killed CNN’s story on Simpsonwood), when Tapper asked Dr. Ben Carson if Trump should stop saying vaccines cause autism.

Trump didn’t back down, (like Senator Rand Paul, who met with our people, said he understood, said some mildly supportive things, then when he got criticized, raced in front of the cameras to get his picture taken getting a shot).  Trump, instead, stood up and said we were pumping our children full of too many vaccines.

The autism community was starting to see that this blue-collar billionaire was going to be a different kind of politician.

Donald and Andrew confer on vaccine issues…

Then came August of 2016 when Trump sat down with Dr. Andy Wakefield, the British researcher who first proposed a possible link between the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism in 1998, and was vilified throughout the world, as well as representatives of many other autism groups.  The meeting lasted almost fifty minutes and ended with Trump taking a copy of Wakefield’s documentary, “VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe”, and promising to watch it.  Additionally, Trump promised that if he won, there would be further meetings, this time at the White House.

After Trump won, he got busy making good on his promises. 

President Donald J. Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Vice-President Mike Pence

He appointed Robert Kennedy, Jr. to head a panel on vaccine safety and scientific integrity.  And when that appointment got criticized, he didn’t fold like a cheap suit.  And in what can only be interpreted as a fulfillment of his promise in August of 2016 to the autism community, Dr. Wakefield attended one of the Trump Inaugural balls.

What will follow from here? 

I don’t know, but for the first time in many years I’m actually excited.  I don’t expect Trump to follow Obama’s lead and promise an “Autism Czar”, then conveniently forget about it for the next eight years.

Trump is a transactional guy, he likes to believe that his word means something, and unlike politics, in the private sector people are expected to perform.  I don’t pretend to know all the obstacles Trump will face, but after listening to that Inaugural speech where he didn’t tone a single thing down, I’d say he’s a disruptor.

That’s what autism needs.  I expect my daughter’s life at the age of twenty-six at the end of Trump’s second term to be much different than it is right now.  God willing.


To learn more about the history of vaccines, autism, and Trump’s interest in the issue, you can get my book, INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

By Kent Heckenlively, J.D.



15 thoughts on “I think Trump is Getting Ready to Punch Vaccine-Induced Autism in the Face!”

  1. The perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing WERE NEVER CAUGHT…. Read the book by the lawyer from Boston who is suing for justice using the evidence that the corrupted ‘defender’ refused to show the jury. First and foremost, the photos of the kids at the race were doctored to hide the reality that the kid’s backpack was NOT BLACK LIKE THE PACK WITH THE EXPLODED COOKER….. it was the apparent’security’ team’s backpacks that matched the bomb…… Learn the truth or you discredit your own cause……

    It was a SHOW TRIAL for political purpose. Paul Craig Roberts (former economics cabinet adviser ) recommended and relayed the link to attorney Mary Maxwell’s book online { Marathon Bombing: Indicting the Players ]… You’d enjoy seeing the courtroom corruption exposed to view….. ttyl

  2. The perpetrators of the Boston Marathon Bombing were NEVER CAUGHT… instead there was a SHOW TRIAL for a political purpose and the so-called ‘defender’ of the kid hid the evidence of the prosecution’s DOCTORED PHOTOS that hid the reality that the kid’s backpack was a modest silver white — NOT THE BLACK BACKPACK WITH THE EXPLODED COOKER… Plus, that exploded backpack matched instead the one carried by the assumed ‘security’ team member.. all seeable in photos that the jury was not allowed to see…

    Boston Attorney Mary Maxwell is suing for Justice on her own as she says the america of the past will be dead if we don’t undo the show-trial… Paul Craig Roberts (former economic cabinet advisor) read and recommended her book, now online and freely downloadable… Marathon Bombing: Indicting the Players should be locatable and it is highly instructive to see the implementation of such a fraud on the court exposed to view with all the lawyer-machinations in plain view…. Don’t be supporting the evil done to innocents………..

  3. Wups,
    how often to we mention something in passing and then the whole issue gets sidetracked?

    Getting back to the real theme:
    In Germany, we have a proven, safe, effective method of gently removing the damaging heavy metals even from the brain and, thus, often ending autism.
    The FDA has banned two of the ingredients from being imported – not because there is any danger – oh no. Because they would detract from pharmaceutical turnover whose much less effective products in this area ARE dangerous as well as being vastly more expensive.

    Maybe someone can get Donald’s ear and request, at least, a provisional exemption for testing purposes?

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  4. Watching with great interest. In Australia we have a totalitarian government that will now allow any debate on vaccines. If no vaccines than parents lose all government benefits. Mainstream news will not publish any comments which seek to question vaccination. So please Donald Trump open this up for the whole world and thank you.

  5. Trump’s words mean something? Please! It means he told another lie. How do you know he is lying? His lips are moving. He might do something about vaccinations until his handlers in the Wall Street community reel him in. They have too much invested in Big Pharma. Its a nice fantasy though. The only way things will change is pressure from the real grassroots. Its what Obama told us after he was elected. And no pressure was forthcoming, so nothing happened.

  6. Karma,

    Can you provide a link describing the methods being used in Germany? I’m sure parents of autistic children in America would like the opportunity to research it for themselves, and if they have the means, travel to Germany to receive treatment. No need to hold up access to effective treatment while waiting for wheels of government to turn!

  7. Goldy,

    One of the fastest ways for people to regain their freedoms and make way for open discussion is to use their creativity and ingenuity to figure out how to release themselves from dependence on government handouts. Citizens of wealthy countries have become so accustomed to these handouts they are now at the complete mercy of increasingly totalitarian systems. Why do the fully capable citizens of Australia need to depend so heavily on their government to the point where they are required to blindly obey health mandates? Are they not capable of feeding, housing, clothing, schooling and defending themselves?

  8. Hi Erin,
    I really wish it were that simple.
    You can’t “get treatment” because there is no place to give it!

    The methodolgy is very simple and you would actually use it in your own home over a period of 4 to 8 months (dependent upon the severity of the heavy metal poisoning present).

    There are four “products” needed. One is definitely available in the US. One may be – a preliminary search only found low quality manufacture not suitable for the purpose.
    The other 2 are subject to a blanket ban by the FDA.

    It would be possible to smuggle the ingredients in (I used to be a professional smuggler 35 years ago and the principles haven’t changed. I’ve moved everything except drugs and weapons both of which I refused to touch).

    What we need as a recipient is some sort of licenced research facility to which we can send shipments of “something else” for “evaluation purposes”.

    There are other alternatives but best not discussed on an open forum. Maybe you’d like to contact me by email. I don’t think the forum software allows me to give you my email directly so you’ll have to cobble it together from this: karma at getinharmony dot com or look me up on Google – very easy to find – lots of pages.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  9. I am hopeful, too, Kent. President Trump’s election at this time in history is extraordinary, and I hope he can somehow find the ability through whatever executive or judicial means necessary to end the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and restore full product liability to vaccine manufacturers, and add a vital Amendment to our Constitution — declaring the right to full medical freedom for every US citizen to determine the course, or discontinuance, of their own allopathic/holistic/homeopathic/ayurvedic/etc. medical treatment, and the right to completely informed medical consent.

    I just read today that there is a desire to implement a global vaccine compensation program for the vaccine injured, based upon our horrendous US VICP:

  10. Approximately twenty years ago I received a phone call from a man named Michael who asked whether or not his infant daughter had died from SIDS. At the time I had a website http://www.criblife2000.com with information for parents about the danger inherent in older contaminated plastic PVC crib mattresses.

    As an Emergency Physician I instinctively knew babies do not die in their sleep without reason. I had traveled to the United Kingdom and New Zealand to interview two chemists, now deceased, responsible for the “Toxic Gas” hypothesis. I posted their hypothesis and suggested the risk of SIDS was related to the age and prior use of PVC mattresses, because the elements Phosphorus, Antimony, Arsenic had been added to crib mattresses with lesser amounts of lead and mercury contaminants.

    In response I asked my caller to give me the details. I was shocked…death occurred within 12 hours of her Hep B booster. The New Zealand chemist had warned me there was an added risk of baby deaths due to vaccines.

    I advised the caller the fever, lethargy and profound illness prior to death, by definition, ruled out a SIDS diagnosis. Death had to be by a terrible adverse vaccine event. The caller said thank you adding he knew it was the vaccine.

    I soon realized another parallel epidemic of autistic disorders was escalating. I had no choice but to conclude that these children had not mysteriously succumbed in their sleep but had become disabled by a similar vaccine mediated mechanism. At the time neither parents nor my doctor colleagues seemed worried in the slightest. The Chief of Pathology at Children’s, following a news interview labeled me a “quack.”

    By 2000, I decided to get out of Emergency Medicine and open my own practice in the mountains of Colorado rather than become a target. I wanted to distance myself but not necessarily hide. Everything was wonderful until I was doing a “house call” in Aspen. I was caring for Stephanie when a huge young man with headphones started pacing up and down the hallway. Stephanie introduced me to her nonverbal son Philip confiding she believed he had become a victim of DPT. Following his vaccine Philip slept for 18 continuous hours. Stephanie knew was abnormal in spite of her Pediatricians reassurances. She watched Philip gradually loose his speech and disappear into his own world during the ensuing years.

    The time had come. I needed to re immerse myself in order to try to better understand what was happening. I abandoned writing about SIDS and focused on a book about the epidemics I was witnessing. Due to my interest Stephanie introduced me to her Aspen friend Sally Bernard who had written a book about the autism like manifestations of mercury poisoning. For suggesting Mercury contained in Thimerosal might be causing autism she had become the subject of relentless scientific scorn.

    I attended multiple BioMedical conferences, read what information was available and had no choice but to conclude we were being told lies; these epidemics were man made. Notwithstanding the no scientific evidence papers and professional bloggers opinions I began to write “Dancing Cats, Silent Canaries” a traditional doctor’s view of what parents must do to protect their children amidst the growing unsolved epidemics.

    Today the journey may be nearing an end. An improbable President, as promised, is intent on taking a closer look at vaccine safety. The real greater good can only be determined by a one year vaccine moratorium. Manufacturers have given us a warning. The time has come for a newer more ethical and moral interpretation of the greater good.

  11. Roger – You quoted The Daily Kos? (snort) I wish you would NOT quote liberal-Communist publications here. We try to maintain a sense of reality on the BolenReport.

  12. You love to throw around labels and adjectives that have no relevance. It would be better to look at the facts.

  13. There are Books out now, by Qualified Nutritionists on the Specific Foods for helping with the Neurological challenges in children with Autism.
    While ‘chatting online’ not too long ago, I read a Post from a Mum of an Autistic son.
    He’d been diagnosed at about 2yrs old.
    She’d been informed about the power of certain Superfoods, in particular, the Deep Green concentrated ones, like Spirulina, Wheat-grass, and many others.
    These foods are very powerful and when included in a diet of very ‘whole foods, and excluding Processed foods, they must be taken daily, as a Medicine, with several other Supplements, like The Minerals, and High-strength Liposomal Vit.C.
    This needs advice from a qualified Natural Health Practitioner.
    Autistic conditions need Specific nutritional help, taken indefinitely, for as long as it takes, to start seeing positive results.
    These Deep Green concentrated Foods, get right down into the Mitochondria, on the deep cellular level, where Healing takes place.
    This Mum, I mentioned, had, had her young son on the Protocol for years, with amazing, positive, progressive results.
    Her boy she said was going on 13 yrs old, and starting High School, and is pretty fabulous, and it was looking like this progress would keep going.
    So. There you go.
    They say “eating is a Science”
    “You are what you eat”
    “Let Food be thy Medicine” and what Fuel you put into your body, pretty much determines the State of your Health always…
    Of course you cannot have “opposing forces” at work, if you want to function at peak performance, so, eliminate the “rubbish, junk, processed, pretend foods, and additives, toxins, fake colours & flavours, artificial sweeteners, GMO’s etc, etc…
    Theres a book called “The Gaps Diet”
    Gut & Psychology…
    for Autistic cchildre, and Adults.
    No Dairy, Wheat (Gluten).
    Its quite a dedicated process, but surely very rewarding.

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