Black Days For Quackbusters…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


There’s a change in the tide…

For years the battle to provide appropriate health care for Americans was fought by the “healers” and their support groups – one defensive action after another, with each individual interest group re-inventing the wheel, almost every time.  Then came the “activists,” those who sort of understood the political system – they introduced legislation here and there.  Then came the “philosophers,” and the “educators” – bringing social awareness.

But Big Pharma kept coming.  The stakes were high.

Then the “business” class began to see the paradigm shift, and the realization that “Health” was a real competitor to “Medicine” came fully of age.  The supplement industry began to take a big bite. The non-drug groups beat their drums.  The electro-medicine tribe began their long march.

Big Pharma fought back.

Now, “Health” is big business.  More than half of the total U.S. health dollar is spent on alternatives to “medicine.”  Things change when business people are making the decisions.  Business people think differently, and set about solving problems differently, than healers, activists, philosophers, or educators.  For the “Health” world that’s a good thing.

Business people have no qualms about “getting rough” with someone attacking their nest.  To business, war is just a cost of doing business.  To business people, when a competitor attacks, they hit back – hard.  Hiring “warriors” is no big deal –  they get a tax write-off for it.  Business people in the “Health” industry simply recognize that Big Pharma, and its goon network, like the “quackbusters,” needs to be shoved back – with some manners taught to them .

Enter the “Warrior” Class…

Since the beginning of time there have been those of us who thrive on conflict.  Those who keep their sword razor sharp, and train endlessly, making contingency plans for the next assault, even though it may not happen.  There are those of us who understand, quite well, the psyche, and the methodology, of Attila the Hun, the reasoning, and execution, of  Attaturk, Charlemagne, and the old master, Sun Tzu…  There are those of us who understand war, quite well.

War is not for the timid.

Bob Jones the inventor of “Cavitat” is certainly not timid.  He spent years proving his Cavitat device had merit – so much merit, he scares the crap out of “big dentistry.”  His device, literally, tears apart long, and strongly held, beliefs in dentistry.  His “Cavitat” device shows that dentistry’s highly profitable “root canal” method is, and always as been, an oral cess-pool of bacteria of the worst kind – the kind that can, will, and does, literally, stop the human heart from beating.  His device changes dentistry forever.

The “quackusters” are an industry unto themselves.  It is their job to stop new things in health care.  Originally started, and funded, by 26 drug companies, they’ve expanded to become the misdirection agency for everything new in health care.  They get paid to stop, or damage, anything, and everything, that competes with the status quo.  When something new arrives on the health scene, soon you’ll see an article about it on delicensed MD Stephen Barrett’s dubious website “”  And Barrett, and his sleazy quackpot friends, are more than willing to testify against that new thing, claiming to be experts at something that, a few days before, they’d never even heard of.  For a price.

They made the mistake of trying that crap on Bob Jones.  They used their usual sleazy “bad-mouthing,” bringing in two of their lower-level “testifying whores,”  Dodes and Schissell, from the ludicrous “” infamy.  Dodes and Schissell wrote a so-called “scientific paper,” which NO peer reviewed JOURNAL would publish, but Barrett put on his website, parading it as though it had merit.

Everything would have been fine, because, in the industry, for the most part, Barrett, and his cronies have the acceptance of dog doo-doo on your shoe.  Aetna Insurance, for reasons not yet revealed, however, chose to accept quackbuster crap as credible – and chose to republish their statements, with statements of their own, added.

So Bob Jones said “Oh yeah?”  And down he went, into central Denver, and plopped himself down in front of nationally famous civil rights attorney Walter Gerash, and said“Walter, I need your help on something…”

Now, Walter Gerash, had as his mentor one Melvin Belli.  Nationally, Gerash is on par with F. Lee Bailey, Johnny Cochran, Jerry Spense, or Robert Shapiro.   Gerash, in the Courtroom, is a modern day William Jennings Bryan, an orator who, syndicated columnist Alan Prendergast says:

“He lurks in the bad dreams of hungry prosecutors and hidebound judges, a caped avenger in bolo tie and maroon beret. The cameras catch him exiting the courtroom in the eye of the media whirlwind, a feisty bantamweight with a large voice–a voice so thunderous when raised in outrage that one frazzled judge felt compelled to note for the record that defense counsel was bellowing. But if you’re in trouble with the Man, there’s no sweeter sound than when he stands before the bench and introduces himself:

“Walter Gerash for the defense, your honor.”

Go to Google and look up Walter Gerash – you’ll be impressed.  I think, here in the North American Health Freedom Movement,  we’re in for a new wrinkle.  Good…

Welcome to the war, Walter…

Everybody – the FUN HAS BEGUN.  Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate