Australia – “Is There Anybody In There?”

Is there ANYONE home in the Federal or State Governments in Australia?

Opinion by Meryl Dorey – Former President – Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN)…


The way that politicians and other Australian government officials are behaving now can certainly lead any intelligent person to believing that they are all ‘comfortably numb’  Perhaps a bit too much of their own medicine?

Let’s look at, and listen, to the lyrics from Pink Floyd’s 1979 “The Wall” album song “Comfortably Numb, Written by David Jon Gilmour, Roger Waters.

Click on the lyrics below, to hear the whole song:


 Hello? Hello? Hello?
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone at home? *

Regardless, it is obvious that the tide is turning quickly and the government, media and medical authorities are getting washed out to sea with the rest of the rubbish.

First, the AVN’s VaxXed Down Under Tour was a resounding success!

Thousands, and thousands, of people attended the screenings and seminars that they organised and many more were unable to get tickets to these sold-out events. Government and media outrage only made people want even more desperately to find out exactly what authorities were trying so hard to hide.

Even Better…

Polly Tommey

Next, a mother of a vaccine-injured adult, Polly Tommey, was banned for 3 years from entering Australia, under terrorism legislation simply because there was evidently so much fear in the halls of power that her success as part of the VaxXed team could spread to the wider community and make parents wake up from their comas and question vaccination.

Brian Hooker, PhD, PE.

Of course, her presence did just that as did the presence of Dr Brian Hooker, Dr Suzanne Humphries and the tens of thousands of Australian families whose loved ones have been killed or injured by vaccines.

Whilst the government and the media try to pretend that these people don’t exist,

According to the informal polls taken at each VaxXed screening, there is barely anyone who does not know at least 1 person who has been killed or seriously injured by vaccination.

Okay, Okay, Okay
Just a little pinprick
There’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick *

Then, Peter Dutton, the Minister for Immigration, pre-emptively banned Kent Heckenlivel…

Kent Heckenlively in Washington…

Kent is the author of Inoculated: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism and Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases, from visiting Australia, again because he questions the safety and effectiveness of vaccination. Well, who doesn’t question that?

The publicity from these two blatant attempts at censorship have made this country the laughing stock of the developed world!

And in this time of instant communication via the internet, the ridiculousness of such a vain attempt has got to make us question not only the intelligence of this government, but their sanity as well!

Greg Hunt pretending(?) to get a flu shot…

Greg Hunt, Federal Minister for Health, has come out to say that doctors who perform their job responsibly by writing medical exemptions for children and adults at risk of serious harm from vaccination, will be hunted down and deregistered as well as facing potential charges (though what those charges can be, since writing exemptions is not against the law, has not yet been explained). He used, as his first scapegoat, Dr John Piesse – a Melbourne GP with more than 40 years’ experience. Dr Piesse started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his legal defence and within 4 days, had raised over $100,000.

The AVN shared a video compilation of scenes and parent’s stories from the VaxXed tour, garnering more than 50,000 views in 48 hours.

Do you see a trend here?

The more the idiotic government complains and tries to suppress and censor informed debate on the issue of vaccination, the more people choose to start becoming informed and questioning.

5.5 Million spent funding vaccine propaganda?

The  Australian government has pledged $5.5 million to spread vaccine propaganda in an effort to overcome the unfunded and unpublicised, fully-referenced and scientifically-based information provided by the AVN, a community health lobby group.

How desperate are they?

When it comes to Australia’s Parliament, it appears that the lights are on but there most certainly is nobody [with any common sense] in there.

Keep it up Turnbull et alia: you are becoming your own worst enemy and in so doing, the best friend of the efforts to uncover vaccine lies.

Opinion by Meryl Dorey – Former President – Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN)…





18 thoughts on “Australia – “Is There Anybody In There?””

  1. Bravo! Vaccine Injury Awareness is needed along with fully informed parental consent. Wouldn’t you like to know vaccines can kill, maim, and even give your child the actual disease? Wouldn’t you like to know that brain injury/death stats are higher for the vaccine than the actual disease? Bless you for writing on the subject.

  2. I agree with most of it, except calling the Australian ignorant or dumb. They have a reason, rhyme and strategy for their actions.
    The Australian government is not numb, dumb or suffer insanity, Why be surprised? Australian has a Socialist/Communist government who is following the edicts of the NWO born out of UN Agenda 21 and 30: reduce live births: reduce population by any means. No moral barriers must interfere with their goal . Until the good Australian people give the proper name to their enemy, they will conduct a fruitless resistance. Has anybody notice that all Socialist Communist world governments are pushing the forced vaccination?, repressing speech about the truth or anything that goes against their doctrine/ideology. . They are not dumb or numbed down. They know exactly what they are doing: STOP THE TRUTH by ANY MEANS. BUT THE MORE DESPERATE AND HENIOUS THEIR EFFORTS ARE TO STOP THE TRUTH THE MORE WE KNOW, THAT WORLD WIDE WE ARE AWAKEN AND MORE ARE AWAKENING EXPONENTIALLY. TRUTH IS FORCE THAT CANNOT BE ERADICATED FROM THE MINDS AND HEART OF PEOPLE.

  3. Thank you Meryl
    Alicia I don’t think it is about population control – it seems to government is hell bent on creating mega cities and high population – however there are massive profits to be made from vaccines and those invested in them like our Prime Minister’s wife Lucy.

    Three years ago, the Editorial Executive Committee of Australian Prescriber published a call for increased transparency in the regulation of prescription medicines.3 What has happened since then? A recent study compared the provision of information on the websites of national drug regulatory agencies.4 It found that the TGA ranked among the most ‘secret’ of the agencies. Assessment reports for new medicines, lists of refused or cancelled marketing authorisations, minutes of advisory meetings, and reports submitted by drug companies are not available publicly in Australia.

    The TGA has not established an active surveillance system that can make causal relationships to vaccines. A regulator that is 100% funded by industry has no incentive to accurately monitor the adverse events from its own products. This demonstrates the need for vaccination policies to be independent from commercial and political interference in order to protect public health. In Australia policy decisions for vaccination programs are based on research (often unpublished) that is performed by government representatives on vaccine advisory boards who receive honoraria and funding for their clinical trials from pharmaceutical companies. The findings from such research are being used in policy decisions for vaccination programs without public scrutiny or assessment by independent researchers. (Dr Judy Wilyman)

  4. Kent, to your article “Why Australia shouldn’t ban me” I tried a little comment re of us here Downunder. When posting it on it was immediately wiped off and instantly a short message followed “Your text has a double content”. -Boy this is a speedy response without even reading it-I thought in a shock of a moment. Is this your website, or some third party interfering? If you don’t want to hear from me it’s OK with me, but suspicious is that other vaccine sites are also regularly blocking me out. Are we censored or what?

  5. @
    Goldy : Your wrong and leading the people astray. Vaccines are absolutely a component of Agenda 21 population control; along with fluoride, aspartame, genetically engineered food, irradiated food, HAARP, and other slow poisons. It is not government; but religions that are causing massive human overpopulation by deliberately sabotaging birth control. The primary offender is the Roman Catholic Church, as well as Islam and other crazy religions around the world. The Supreme Question is : Why are we tolerating it ??? If these religions are not stopped; we face nothing less than World Wide Catastrophe; in progress right now. Even Australia is in trouble now for turning back migrants. Human migration is happening worldwide, right now, and they have no place to go where they are wanted. We have the Pacific Ocean full of garbage, massive species extinction, Global Warming and an approaching Eco-catastrophe in the near future.
    @ Alicia Hammet: You are dead right and have the best post here.
    It’s easy to call anybody dumb or crazy with no facts to support it, but the Australian government is not crazy. The Australian government, along with all other governments who cooperate with Agenda 21, are using an extreemly destructive and criminal method of human population control: Agenda 21: The Agenda for the 21st Century ( a United Nations program ! ). They are doing this because, clearly, they are very late in the game to fix the population problem. If the World had listened to Paul Ehrlich ( author of ” The Population Bomb ” ) back in 1968, and acted then; our environmental catastrophe wouldn’t even exist by now. Birth Control, if done right, would kill or injure no one. The Roman Catholic Church knew this from the beginning and didn’t care. It is that church who is crazy.
    So, your right Alicia, it’s great that the Truth about vaccines and Agenda 21 are spreading because people shouldn’t have to live and die this way. Like I said, it is very late in this ordeal, but I still have hope that a rapid, World wide birth control program, maybe even a one child policy, could save us all.

  6. Thank Roger: I feel vindicated! I have been saying for at least of 5 years that U Agenda with its “Sustainable World Population” is a plan to reduce World Population by any means. Was called crazy for thinking that it was more than greed, more than Organized Religion! My brain and mind tends to connect dots and when they pointed to me – a common originator, having a core principle, I end up discovering and reading in its entirety UN Agenda 21 and now 30. All because 14 years ago my youngest gran daughter, who was born healthy with excellent Apgar number, right after being given her vaccine cocktail, she went away so to speak. I went into a tailspin, wanted to find out why – And I fell right into the rabbit hole – and like a hunting dog I started collecting all about vaccines, GMO, fluor in water, chemtrails – wars, education being used for political ideology indoctrination, e when seeing what I posted in FB told me same things was happening there. When I extended my research on other countries I saw same issues.
    If you and I can do anything but make people aware UN Agendas we will be doing our part. All the evils that are befalling stem from that Document. Something else. What is the biggest voting block in the UN? Muslim nations- another rabbit hole. I found a site, who has disappeared now. That the first draft of Agenda 21 was commissioned to, written by, presented to and ratified by man, World president of the Communist party. All these factors, point to the fact that the UN is the enemy of the World. specifically of our Nation. I could go and on, but you get my drift. Anybody who sets their minds that just greed and religion are the culprits, burying their head in the sand.. AGAIN THANK YOU ROGER!

  7. Thanks Hans Litten I understand you fully. I just want to add if I may not offend that child sacrifices was an old Canaanite practice and is well documented in the Holy writs the Bible. God warned the Israelites for not to follow those horrible practices, yet the Israelites failed to heed this warning, thus the Devine retribution came upon them, that is also well documented in the writs. The Christian Apostle Paul warns us, that those things befall on the ancients serve us as warnings. Here we are now history repeat itself again. It may be in different form but sacrifices to this ancient Deity Molok is still very much on. In my failed or censored comment I just wanted to give moral support to Kent, how vital his voice is to us sitting in darkened cells in all this aggressive tyranny, enduring the lashes they beating us. And that I wish him that God will bless his efforts as he is shining beam to us. That the leaders of all religions abandoned the flock as they all took side with this globalist agenda, jabbing intoxicating the defence less little ones. History will remember all of this as is remembered the Nazi’s deeds thus the Nuremberg trial and code that followed. This is all ignored! Comprehend this! My personal dread is that the child (abusing) services want to remove my grand children from my care if I don’t comply and still be jabbed. They give me to choose from two evils. Pharma is corrupt CDC is corrupt the Government is corrupt. Folly to trust them. Beside they bear no responsibility for their deeds at all.

  8. To: Hans Litten :
    I want to clarify something. I don’t see the Global Elite as the worst of our enemies; as bad as Agenda 21 is. Agenda 21 is a very bad response to a core problem: massive Worldwide Human Overpopulation caused primarily by the Roman Catholic Church. The Global Elite were doing the right thing way back in 1972 : pushing for Worldwide Birth Control. They were stopped completely by the Roman Catholic Church. Here is my reference. :

    And especially, see this excerpt. :

    During the year that followed the presentation of the Rockefeller Commission Report, it became clear that there would be no further response to the Commission’s recommendations. In May, 1973 a group of pioneer population activists acknowledged this inaction and asked Ambassador Adolph Schmidt to speak with his friend, Commission Chairman John D. Rockefeller 3rd. They met in June, 1973 at the Century Club In New York City. Schmidt noted his own disappointment and that of his colleagues be cause no program had been mounted as a result of the Commission’s recommendations. What had gone wrong? >>>>>Rockefeller responded: “The greatest difficulty has been the very active opposition by the Roman Catholic Church through its various agencies in the United States.”15 <<<<<

    In 1992, one Rockefeller Commission member, Congressman James Scheuer (D-NY), spoke out publicly for the first time on what had happened: “Our exuberance was short-lived. Then-President Richard Nixon promptly Ignored our final report. The reasons were obvious — the fear of attacks from the far right and from the Roman Catholic Church because of our positions on family planning and abortion. With the benefit of hindsight, it is now clear that this obstruction was but the first of many similar actions to come from high places”16.

    The Roman Catholic Church has opposed birth control all the way back to World War 2 and probably much longer than that. I have no doubt that this is the cause of our planet's demise. The RCC has very effectively used secrecy to cover up their anti-birth control activities and our media practically never covers the human overpopulation issue; which threatens us all and there is precious little time to fix it.

  9. Roger, please clarify what you mean regarding ‘birth control’.

    If ‘birth control’ includes abortion then you can’t claim that it doesn’t kill or injure anyone, as abortion involves the killing of innocent unborn babies. Aborted unborn babies have also been used in the production of certain vaccines, such as rubella and chicken pox vaccines.

  10. @ Hans Litten:
    Your post on this comment board at 6:18 AM is a Lie. I never made those statements. And I never justified Agenda 21. Agenda 21 happened becaused the Roman Catholic Church drove the Global Elites to do it. If we the People don’t fix human overpopulation; Nature will fix the problem for us and it will be brutal. I stand with top scientists Like Paul Ehrlich and Dennis Meadows of MIT in believing that human overpopulation is the worst it has ever been in the history of the World and threatens to destroy the human race. You are obviously, grossly ignorant of that fact and probably have never even read a newspaper. Do some research and find out the facts about what’s going on in the World.
    @ Borne: Abortion and Birth Control are two different things entirely. You should look up the terms.

  11. @Borne: I disagree, The “Elite” is the elite by the fact they are powerful by way of $$$. They are smart, intelligent and cunning. Hate for people is not their driving force: that is the first and easiest conclusion to arrive to. We must dig further. What is their driving force: A sense of superiority based in the fact of their $$, This sense of arrogance is accompanied by a deep belief that they the chosen ones, they ones to create a world governed by their kind. They do not act on hate, they act on measured, well thought out strategies to expand their dominion and control over a world populated by humans they estimate to be inferior in mental, and purity of race. They need people to serve their purposes. If they hated indiscriminately, they would not be able to survive . So they have aligned with the extreme left represented by the UN Agendas 21 and 30, because these agendas serve their purposes. But the UN agendas were also bought by Nations who are counted among the 3rd World, because they believe the lie that world will not be able to feed themselves due to over population, while at the same time richer Nations do everything to make sure the food chain industries are not underpriced by creating surplus of food. If you look at the history of the World, great nature catastrophes occur in cycles and acts as a catalyst to eliminate overpopulation. Elites are not the driving force for world population, they have bought into UN Agendas 21 and 30 only because it serves their purposes, so they have poured money into vaccinations, paid scientists for pay to create biogenics to reduce the population and create fear in humanity’s heart. For fear, extreme fear, makes people give up their freedoms for a temporary safety.

  12. @ Hans Litten:
    Thank you for your e-mail of 09-28-2017 and I apologize too. To respond to your e-mail is complicated, because, as you say, other slow poisoning programs were going on long before Agenda 21 ( at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero in 1992 ) and even before 1972. I can only partially explain that, but my computer time is running out.

  13. @ Hans Litten:
    For the e-mail you just wrote; I completely agree. Australia is now under a complete, pro-vaccination, medical police state; thanks to the Prime Minister’s wife being a total tool of the Pharmaceutical Industry. It probably is just like being under the Gestapo.
    To what I was saying before; I don’t fully know why the USA had slow poisoning programs long before Agenda 21. I was a victim, even then. All I can say is that when President Harry Truman cut a deal with World War 2 Nazi soldiers to start the Cold War in 1947. That was clearly the worst blunder of the 20 th Century for the USA. The unemployed war production factory workers were put out of work in 1946 and were clamoring to the president to give them their jobs back. Of course when you build guns, tanks, ships, and planes; they are useless, unless you have a war. So the Truman government created one and the World has been paying ever since. The trouble with North Korea right now is blow back from the Cold War.
    Not only did the USA wage war all around the world during the Cold War; it was a domestic war too. The CIA in its MK ULTRA program experimented with many different drugs to develop drugs as a weapon of war. They even used US citizens as human guinea pigs in drug experiments in the mid 1950s. Although the total number of MK ULTRA victims was only a few thousand; around the same time; specifically 1954, the US state mental hospital system started using new drugs on its prisoners. By 1957 there were 3/4 of a million inmates on these new drugs. The first drug was Thorazine. 1957 was also the first year that scientists discovered that tardive dyskinesia was a serious, long term neurological disease caused by Thorazine and other phenothiazine drugs. By now, the ” mental health system ” has damaged 100 million people worldwide. Why our government does this and why the people let the government get away with it is a mystery to me. Except I know it isn’t just people in high places backing this atrocity. Millions of average, ordinary American citizens support mental health system atrocities against their neighbors. Even people I’ve met on the street. Maybe you could tell me why this happens ?
    Then, on the other issue, the first birth control pill was invented in 1960 and soon used widely in the United States. Around 1972, after the creation of the EPA and Earth Day; the Rockefeller Foundation decided conditions were right to greatly expand birth control programs in the USA and probably, eventually, around the World. That’s when they were stopped by the Roman Catholic Church. I know Rockefellers did a lot of bad things in the past; like backing the Nazis in WW2. But I still think they were right on the issue of human overpopulation and their programs could have saved the world. The movement by the Rockefeller Foundation to create a federal government birth control program died in 1975, when President Ford signed the National Security Decision Memorandum # 312 . In 1977, Don Rumsfeld took over Searle Drug company to fast track Aspartame into the public food supply. I believe that that action was the first step in a number of actions that led to the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro that announced the creation of the Agenda 21 document. Remember the Rockefeller family has a Foundation and it has many members. Just as I believe there were good an bad members of the Rockefeller family; I believe that there were good and bad members of the Rockefeller Foundation. The Foundation did the right thing in 1972 but sometime after 1975; somebody in the Foundation decided to move on to slow kill programs to control population. I never found out who that person was and I have always wondered, why didn’t the Rockefellers go public and ask for help to implement birth control programs and to stop interference from the Catholic Church ?

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