“Anti-Vaxxers” Are Waking Up America…

“Anti-Vaxxers” – The New Wave of American Heroes…

They know things are not right – and they won’t stop…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

You see them everywhere now.  They’re called “Anti-Vaxxers.”  Where once it was a derogatory term, now being called an “Anti-Vaxxer” is a big sign that says:

“There is ABSOLUTELY no question that vaccines damage children – THEY DO. Every time.  It is just an order of magnitude.  A parent can choose to damage their child a little or a lot – but with vaccines there is ALWAYS damage. The more vaccines the more damage.  Read the package inserts and choose how much damage you want to inflict on your child.” 

“Anti-Vaxxers” can be in groups.  They can be alone.  They can be carrying children, or pushing a senior walker, or something in between.  But the look in their eyes is the same.  It says “Enough is Enough…”  And they mean business.

Pro-vaxxers whine and tremble…

None of their old suppression tricks works.  “Anti-Vaxxers” know their stuff.  They are informed.  They know bullshit when they see it, or hear it, and they will jump right in, getting right in the faces of the Big Pharma shills…

And yes, “Anti-Vaxxers” control the internet – and not just in the English-speaking world.

Big Pharma is beside itself…

There is no question that Big Pharma OWNS the Democratic Party controlled  legislature in California.  They do.  The money ships stand just offshore reminding the Dems who pays the bills for their election and their kid’s college…

Are “Anti-Vaxxers” up for the coming battle?  Yup – they all know that they were responsible for the election of Donald Trump, and Election 2020 is just around the corner.

But, EVERYTHING that has been done to try and stop the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement has only served to make it bigger and stronger…

It is not a phenomena.  It is, and was, inevitable.  Why?  Because their concerns, and their questioning of the status quo, fits right in with the revolution going on within America’s borders.  Specifically, “Anti-Vaxxers” recognize that something bigger is happening here, and that THEY, and THEIR CHILDREN, are the targets of some nefarious plot hatched in some wretched “Agenda 21” globalist’s sick mind.

Despite every propaganda move by the Big Pharma funded globalists the “Anti-Vaxxers” have awakened to the simple fact that:

“On a national level that means that 54% of 73.9 million children – 39,906,000 American children, have a chronic disease that will last their lifetime.  And, it all began when the big increase in childhood vaccines started.

39,906,000 American children PERMANENTLY DAMAGED…  Am I getting through to you?

Even if you had a California crappy Public School education, still, one-plus-one still equals two.

Speaking of Public Schools:

“The proportion of public school children using special education services is skyrocketing, with estimates ranging from 13% to 25% of school populations.

Health authorities are incapable of explaining the reason for these dramatic shifts. Mounting evidence indicates that environmental toxins are the principal culprits.

Children are exposed to many neuro- and immunotoxins that interact synergistically to damage their health. These toxins include heavy metals; pesticides and herbicides such as glyphosate; fluoride; bisphenol A; air pollutants; per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances; phthalates; flame retardants; acetaminophen; food additives; and aspartame.

Tellingly, children’s health began worsening at precisely the same time that the U.S. started expanding the types and total number of vaccines required for school attendance.

Studies have linked vaccines and toxic vaccine ingredients to a wide range of adverse health outcomes, including neurodevelopmental disorders, allergies, seizures and many others. Time trend analyses show strong correlations between autism and total number of vaccines by 18 months as well as exposure to aluminum vaccine adjuvants.”

The US Military is saying that within ten years the US will NOT be able to field an Army…

This is not a RANDOM FACT.  Read this below, from The Heritage Foundation:

“The military depends on a constant flow of volunteers every year. According to 2017 Pentagon data, 71 percent of young Americans between 17 and 24 are ineligible to serve in the United States military.

Put another way: Over 24 million of the 34 million people of that age group cannot join the armed forces—even if they wanted to. This is an alarming situation that threatens the country’s fundamental national security. If only 29 percent of the nation’s young adults are qualified to serve, and if this trend continues, it is inevitable that the U.S. military will suffer from a lack of manpower. A manpower shortage in the United States Armed Forces directly compromises national security.”

Who is responsible for all this?

There is only one culprit – US Public Health.  And, what, do you think is US Public Health’s response?

“It’s not our fault that 54% of America’s children are chronically ill…

There is no vaccine for that…”

Does this sound like an issue for the 2020 Presidential Campaign?


Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


12 thoughts on ““Anti-Vaxxers” Are Waking Up America…”

  1. Powerful article, Tim, thank you! It’s so refreshing to read content that is addressing the principal issue of public health failing our children. In future articles, I’d also like to see you expand more on this key point you raised about children’s total body burden from both environmental sources and vaccines together, “Health authorities are incapable of explaining the reason for these dramatic shifts. Mounting evidence indicates that environmental toxins are the principal culprits.”

  2. Anti-Vaccine = Informed Intelligence and Principled Ethics

    One cannot be “pro-science” and “pro-vaccine”, as the two are mutually exclusive. It is known and admitted that vaccines injure, impart disease, make chronically ill, permanently disable, harm/decimate the five senses, negatively impact fertility, make sterile, forever taint one’s blood supply, derail one’s immune and nervous systems, insert viruses and retroviruses of both human and animal origin into recipients, alter DNA, cause miscarriages, and prematurely kill. None of those vaccine-induced results is in any way protective, health-inducing, ethical, or wise.

    Vaccination is a barbaric practice that should not be legal. To learn more, watch/read one or both of my comprehensive vaccine-related presentations:

    “Why Is This Legal?” by Laura Hayes


    “Vaccines: What Is There to Be ‘Pro’ About?” by Laura Hayes


    In today’s world, “health care” has all too often become synonymous with “death fare”. Buyer, beware.

  3. On the pollution side, the electric generation companies have been progressively getting cleaner as required or folding up. The bpa toxin source was banned 7 years ago. The fluoride level was lowered [after 5 decades at the previous level] about 4 years ago. And 10 years ago, buying bottled water was amazingly non-existent, but today it’s common. The EPA **eventually** outlawed off-road diesel at the pump almost ten years ago… ONLY VAXXING HAS INCREASED RELENTLESSLY.. as has autism… So we look forward to your own data on those issues.. ttyl

  4. A powerful argument. You are right Tim. I hope more people here in Australia will wake up because this is genocide.
    Thank you.

  5. I agree, the anti-vaxxers helped elect Donald Trump. And he has been silent on vaccines ever since. What happened to the vaccine safety commission headed up by RFK Jr?

    I also agree that the 2020 election will absolutely be about vaccine mandates. And for many voters in this growing movement, this may be the single issue that will influence who they vote for.

    This vaccine mandate agenda may appear to be coming from the Democratic Party today, but it is not a partisan issue. The republicans can be just as easily bought. It is a global agenda and we, as citizens, need to stand together against the government corruption and fight for our freedoms before they are gone.

  6. My apologies to the commentors for how long it takes, sometimes , for the comments to show up.

    Ever since we were upgraded to the new WordPress version 5.0 I have to go into the BolenReport back pages every few hours and flush out a cache to get the comments on the page.


    And if I am out running errands…

  7. Forced vaccination in full swing and all on TV networks pushing the sale, not a peep from Trump, a man who had an opinion on vaccines much like many here before being elected President. Many like to hope that he’s working behind the scenes, I was one of those but it appears clear that he’s not. Not one peep from him at this critical time.

  8. The current push towards mandatory vaccinations can only happen in the context of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, one of the dumbest pieces of legislation ever enacted. Otherwise those pushing for mandatory vaccinations might be held liable for all the damage they’re causing.

  9. Great article! just what I needed after reading the defeat of freedom from New York. I wish someone would at least start a thought provoking petition at change.org to repeal the 1986 law that released liability of vaccine makers to present to the white house. Its anti capitalist for one.

  10. Einar- That IS what is happening. We ARE holding them liable.

    We are going to make Big Pharma into Little Pharma.

  11. Excellent article and a very chilling prospect. I believe they already know this and this is why the powerful Pharmaceutical lobby group Phrma published an article some time ago claiming that Pharmaceutical companies are busy making 271 vaccines for us to use and many were for chronic diseases. So they have found a way to make more money out of the misery that they themselves created in the first place using vaccines. It’s a great racket and you are absolutely right about those who have woken up to the horrors of vaccine injury. There will be no stopping these people. They are beyond name calling , threats, fake media, government and medical bull shit.

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