America the Free?

Why Is The Mainstream Media Trying to Destroy America?

Opinion by Sharon Anshaw

In today’s world, where we are all surrounded by a constant hate, the feelings of negativity hang in the air like a heavy fog. It is permeating our very bodies.

And it’s no wonder. The population is being fed a steady diet of anger, hate, misinformation, and outright lies on an hourly basis through the Main Stream Media (MSM).

People are so concerned with all they hear, see, and feel they are having trouble sleeping. They are getting feelings of anxiety they never had before. Ulcers are bubbling to life. Being upset or angry is becoming just a way of life. It is affecting them even in ways they don’t know, or realize.

So much so, that SOME people now require justification of their every move. They crave the high they receive from that justification. The endorphins it produces are as addictive as if it were crack cocaine. They not only want to, but they Have to have their fix. Depending on their level of addiction, that could be daily, hourly, or by the minute. It doesn’t matter where they are either. At work, home, in the car, eating at a restaurant – when they need that “fix” they need it.


Because our information centers have been hijacked. They are now only broadcasting what the “Party” wants us to hear. They are directing our thoughts and turning them to what their agenda is.

Many years ago, there was a test of the radio’s power by using – or “misusing”– a broadcast of “The War of the Worlds,” October 30th 1938.

In telling this tale, using a well-known, respected and trusted voice, the powers to be accomplished their goal and had an accurate reaction and an unparalleled study of the controlling power of media. People were terrified, panicked and some even committed suicide to avoid such a fate that was being reported as actually happening, when in fact it was all fiction.

If you try to research information on this event, it is now being reported as “false” a hoax, the panic never happened. They are trying to erase history and evidence of this horrible “test” in which some call it magnificent. Did the radio stations get fines? Did they get their licenses revoked? Were there any negative repercussions to them at all? In a word, No. The government didn’t prosecute a one of them. Why would they? It accomplished exactly what they wanted.

Move forward to the late 40’s to 50’s and a new controlling device was invented and pushed onto a willing public. Pushed right into their living rooms. Television. It became the new and wonderful form of home entertainment. They pitched it as “It will bring the entire family together to watch the magical “shows” that are aired on it”.

And again, the media, in the form of nightly and national news is taken over to spread an agenda of their desire. Originally it was to put the written word on the small screen, supposedly unbiased and up to date so the public could all be informed at the same time, rather than wait for a newspaper to be delivered.

Little did the unknowing and trusting public realize that it was all made up, manufactured, composed of jaded opinions with a few twisted factual items thrown in to make it believable. And they population did believe. Why would they lie to us? Of course, they took advantage of the trusting nature of the populous and did just that, subtlety at first, so you just questioned…”is it me…or”?

After all, in the 60’s we saw John F. Kennedy assassinated, along with his accused killer, and his brother. We got the news about Martin Luther King. We were updated on the Vietnam war, the protests and shootings in the colleges, the black riots in Detroit, and saw pictures of the first man on the moon. How could we not be fascinated by such a fantastic device? We became addicted, just as they wanted.

The 70’s, 80’s 90’s all cemented that addiction. We were bombarded in every direction to not believe what we saw or heard in the real world, only believe what is coming out of this box.

Cute phrases and descriptions like “reality shows” had users believing that the shows were actually real, not staged and not done by script and performed by paid actors.

It was even reinforced to our children via government programs like head-start – government curriculums that were mandated in our schools. You want the funds? You have to teach this.

Coffee klatches sprung up at work to discuss the latest that was happening on the shows. If you wanted to be a “cool kid” you had to watch so you could comment. If you didn’t enter the conversation or didn’t watch the show, you were labeled an outsider and outcast from the group. All this time the new idea was developing. What if we could share those ideas and conversations to a larger group of people? How can we involve more people? Get more people active in this dissection of the latest gossip. Heard them into “groups”.

Then the internet.

The place where nothing is sacred. They want control over it all. Even our doctors and health care industry has been hijacked. Doctors are required to prescribe, treat, and diagnose per the standards given. Standards set by government and big pharma groups. Insurance dictated by what the payers want. Your very health and existence controlled by the government. All this financed by?? Well you know who.

Forward to the new millennium, an age where we don’t have to “miss anything”. Those of us that had to be working all day and only being able to view the box when we get home would cause a disruption in the programming, the conditioning of us. Enter this new method of delivering their information to the public all day, all night, 365/24/7.

Enter the Smart Phone.

A device that not only provides the ability to see and hear the latest information. It also monitors, tracks, suggests, studies, and senses the user at all times. Built in search engines monitor and suggest programs, items to purchase, contacts to add, media to watch, games to play – in fact these “smart phones” know you better than you do yourself. A very descriptive title that one. These new breed of device is smart. By studying you it can anticipate your needs. Tempt your desires. React to your intellect by suggesting like-thinking groups and outlets. Places where you can be comforted. Places to get your “fix”. And yes, these phones even monitor that. The controllers have algorithms set up for everything. Computers are very amazing machines. But keep in mind, computers can be programmed to “think”. To make decisions based on the data they have collected. And boy-o-boy is there data. And it isn’t hard to find where the storage facilities are.

There are cameras ever where now. Supposedly for traffic control to begin with, now every few feet. And they are recording, everything, always. Add to that those cute little smart phones that have the ability to record. Not only have the ability, but do record unless you turn off the permissions and then I’m doubtful. We found out with the implementation of the digital cable tv that our very own tv’s were monitoring us. Able to hear private thing we discuss at home. Is this being recorded also? Probably. In some future world, will this be retrieved and used as evidence against us? I have no doubt it will.

As we watch what is being revealed out of DC. What has been happening behind the backs of the American public. The twisting of our laws to satisfy their wants and desires, one can only try to hold in the bile that rises in your throat.

The one-sided reporting by “journalists” (and I use that term loosely) by the MSM reminds me of the Wizard of OZ..,.Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

The worse part of it all is they are getting away with it.

How? The ongoing conditioning the masses. These 20’s and 30’s and even some 40’s age people have been starved at birth – mothers instructed by doctors not to give their child solid food till at least 6 months. Have been given every tainted vaccine the government wanted them to have. Told to consume whatever the latest “good thing” to eat is, according to the latest studies. Indoctrinated by the government controlled education system, from age 4 at pre-school all the way up to their doctorate level, if they get that far.

Now there is an internal revolution to remove a duly elected president from office.

Many people say they don’t understand why this group is so vehemently against him.

Well that is easy to figure out. You take a person they consider from their ranks, a tv star, and put him in the highest office of the land? That is crazy. He can’t be a president. He is part of our group. He is in the media world. He is part of their all holy trinity; Media – Government- Money.

They all say it’s like mating a giraffe with a cow, it can’t be allowed. Why? Because they are right, and the rest of the population is wrong. They are above the rest of the people. They are superior, they are what is important. They have to control things because after all, the deplorables were stupid enough to elect someone who isn’t qualified. They are media stars after all. They encourage efforts like, let’s call them derogatory names, Let’s make them ashamed of themselves, Let’s tell them they are wrong. Then they use false information to back their comments, because after all, no one can fact check them. They are above the law. And if they do, who is going to report it? Only the “Bad” stations that they are reporting the truth, and they tell people don’t listen to them.

So, they spend months, over a year now, countless hours on defamation of character, even to the point of making up stories to use to support their point. They modify history to cover their facts. They collaborate their stories then use their cronies to hide the truth, all the while pointing their fingers at the “bad” people. They run their agenda 24/7 on their networks, using all the same catch phrases. It is almost as if they are all referring to the same script. Capturing their audience with falsehoods and innuendo.

How can they accomplish that you ask?

Another easy question. Younger generations, 20-30’s-40’s cannot read past the 3rd sentence. Of anything. I have been told it’s because their brain hurts when they try to concentrate.
They can’t concentrate. Let that sink in.

They don’t have enough time. There is too much going on. They are in a constant state of hyper-stress. In fact, they can’t concentrate on anything long enough to prove or disprove it. They take the word of the corrupt media at face value. Whatever they say has to be true, right? The media has played their hand well.

And why would the media push false information? Another easy question. Follow the money. Why is it someone who sits behind a desk, reads a ready-made script using better acting skills than you see in most movies worthy of multimillion-dollar contracts? Simple; They are selling the program-the product. They are not reporting the news. The better a hawker you are the more you sell; or in this case, the more believable you are, the more followers you get. Make them unquestionable followers and you get the highest salary. Believe what I say, not what I do.

There are your sheep.

At the same time, while the media keeps the population distracted, few are paying attention to the fact that our country is slowly and methodically being turned into a socialist nightmare, or even part of the new world order.

Our constitution is being used as a rug for their muddy feet. Our faith is construed as foolish, extreme, or worst of all evil. People who believe in America and American values are now the bad guys. Forget that we have been there for every conflict to help those who could not help themselves. It is America’s fault that everyone has less. It is America’s fault that everyone is suffering so badly. It is America’s fault that the people have lost their way. While the man behind the curtain changes our laws, changes our courts, changes our religion, takes away our rights.

Anyone who points this out is either a conspiracy theorist or if deemed dangerous, meets with a terrible disease, accident, or death. Communism? Not even close. Socialism, possibly as a basis, but panned on a planetary scale.

Personally, I think this new ruling-type creation was made for much more nefarious reasons. It may end up being the largest Ponzi scheme ever imagined. My unanswered question remains; Who is behind this scheme? Who planned it? Who decides the players to carry out the plan? It’s obvious by listening to the billionaire’s opinions who is financing it all. But there has to be a key figure, or group of figures who have masterminded the plan. It’s almost like a James Bond movie. Who is the “Bad guy”?

I will keep gathering my facts and forming my own opinions. I read, I watch, I see and I question.

Remember; Pay attention and never stop questioning.

Opinion by Sharon Anshaw

7 thoughts on “America the Free?”

  1. I don’t see any comments – is that because there are none?

    I believe that the underlying theme of big business or even big families (the people behind the curtains) controlling the media and the narrative is true and accurate.

    I believe that the ranting about government and the monitoring of our actions via smartphones, etc. reduces the creditability. I would much rather see the focus go to the impact on healthcare to gain some purpose and focus from this forum.

    I wonder if I’m typical? I don’t use my smart phone to view news at all. My exposure to news is minimal – I watch the local news on TV maybe 15 minutes tops per night and then let my friends tell me the headlines most of which I don’t believe anyway. I agree that everything is a narrative created to carry out a misinformation agenda but knowing that I don’t bother to “tune in” too much because why bother?

    I spend more time reading scientific studies and listening to scientists talk about data and facts developed than any other single activity. But when it comes to subjects like global warming, we see instances where even the data can be manipulated to show a vastly different picture from competing sides to the argument.

    I’m an engineer so I know that my cable box cannot listen to me and monitoring my program selections is expected and not a threat. I know that my smartphone or computer cannot listen to me without my knowledge and I know that my web browser can monitor my content selections and report it and that only bothers me occasionally.

  2. What a great article. Lots of truth in what was written. Even though not everyone is subjected to the same “devices” on a daily basis does not mean we aren’t all being spied on all the time. I believe we are and the gubmint as much as admits it.

    There are some great books out there on this subject (surveillance) some of them from as far back as the 50’s and 60’s when all this nonsense was gaining a foothold.

    If some don’t want to believe it as being a fact, they don’t have to believe it. But many of us who don’t wear tin foil hats and have never been accused of being a conspiracy theorist in our lives, believe that just too many coincidences are starting to surface. We can’t all be wrong.

    Smart appliances, smart meters . . . all from the same family as the “programming” devices that have slowly been working on us for decades. And, of course, we don’t KNOW of their existence for positive – if we did they wouldn’t be very “smart”, would they? But anyone with half a brain knows how this works in the REAL world. It’s called spying.

  3. My sense of humor makes me, about twice a week, go on Google and make inquiries about $225,000 French watches, quarter million dollar ski boats, snake food, nude beach camping in Khazakstan, Antarctic winter cruises, used Yugos, Portugeuse to Swahili translator services…

    and maybe a few really unusual things…

  4. LMFAO @ Tim

    Check out this site for more answers to who is running the show:

    Also, quick random nit picky question, this article mentioned not giving solid food to babies for the first six months as a bad thing – my understanding from my midwife is exclusive breastfeeding on demand for the first six months is ideal for developing digestive tracts and immunity – is there information that contradicts this? My babies are tremendously healthy and I’m of Italian decent I would never starve them lol.

  5. Erin, your exactly right about breastfeeding for the first 6 months or so. Mothers milk is full probiotics to get the child’s immune system off to a great start. I have studied health for years

  6. There is a great dumbing down at play and of course the media is biased. But people are catching on. Research NXIVM, CGI, human trafficking, blackmail and one begins to see what’s at play.

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