“Pea-Brained PhD” – A Tale of Pro-Vaxxer Fear…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen 

Too often we, here, on the BolenReport, and other publications, talk about the problems of North American Health Care without pointing out, to our readers, that in the Health Freedom Movement WE WIN ALL OF THE TIME…

Part of the reason we win is that we openly communicate problems.  And, when we do that there is an effect.  We start the ball rolling.

Probably the biggest effect, right now, is that we have driven most of our front-line opposition into hiding – and that is a very important point.

So why, for example, are the supposedly “pro-vax, etc.,” people hiding?  When you hunt them down, and drag them out into the light, all becomes evident.  Look what we found when we examined nitwit David Gorski (Orac)’s network.

There is NO QUESTION that the monstrous Anti-Vax Movement is scaring the crap out of those that pretend to think that vaccines are safe and effective.  Step outside and smell the fear in the air.  The signs are everywhere.

Get ready to laugh  – I have another story about frustrated pro-vax snivelers to entertain you with.  We are dragging another batch of life’s detritus out into the light…


The other day I got a phone call from a friend who told me that a group had been formed on FaceBook, calling itself “Exposing AutismOne.”  My friend wanted to know if I could find out who owned it, controlled it, and what they were up to.  This “Exposing AutismOne” page was bashing AutismOne’s 2016 speakers, apparently trying to recruit unwitting participants to “demonstrate” outside the hotel in front of AutismOne.

As we all know AutismOne is the premier Autism Event in the US – the place to be to learn about, discuss, and find solutions for, the massive US Autism (Vaccine Damage) Epidemic.

So, I went and looked at “Exposing AutismOne,” and found that, in reality, it was just another one of those crap “Astroturf” pages that the “Skeptics” are taught to put together at those “Amazing Meetings” in Las Vegas each year by the James Randi Education Foundation. Yup – the same James Randi in the audio clip soliciting sex from a boy.  Yeah – THAT group.



But, with this one I found a twist…

Graphic from earlier article titled “Mike Adams (Natural News) Attack Skeptic’s Center Point…”

Although the “Exposing AutismOne” page was the usual Skeptic hogwash, engaging  the usual skeptic slime tactics – heavy on hatred, short on reality., this time it was focusing on the 2016 Event Speakers, trying to imply impropriety, quackery, blah, blah, blah…  As usual, with the Skeptics, there were some outright lies designed to create “hatred.”

This time, however there was a bit more. Two different things:

(1)  Unlike MOST “skeptic” activities, this one was NOT primarily carried out by venting angry male homosexuals.  This one was run by females.  The snarking technique was prevalent though.

(2)  They are planning a “demonstration” at AutismOne and are recruiting for it.   The obvious question is “just HOW are these people are going to come to Chicago and “demonstrate” without identifying themselves?  White-sheets-with-eye-holes?”  The answer – the “organizers” are NOT coming – they are trying to recruit followers to do it (laugh here).

To a predator hunter, like me, hiding just makes the project interesting, AND FUN…

I decided to, very nicely for me, in a very reasonable tone, inquire of that page “who they were?” and “what they were up to?”

As many of you have found out, dealing with the Skeptics, nose-to-nose, so-to-speak, can be disconcerting.  But those that know me realize that I will load up on Vitamin C, kick down the Skeptic wall, march over to the Septic Tank Cover, open it, grab some Skeptics by the hair, and drag them kicking and screaming out into the sunshine, so-to-speak.  I can always burn my clothes later.

My idea of FUN may not be the same as yours.

And, you’ll never guess what I found, this time…

Thank God I took the Vitamin C .

Mike Adams over at that high-sparkle publication Natural News, not too long ago, decided to focus a bright light on the Skeptic center – in the form of David Gorski MD, the dim bulb that calls himself “Orac” making some ludicrous claim to be an infallible oracle on health care based on the premise that he, Gorski, cuts up Detroit area women’s breasts, for money.

I wrote about that here.

Somehow, in Gorski’s, and the usual Skeptic thought process, that professional activity qualifies him to sit at his Barbara Karmanos Cancer Center computer and spew out internet “hate” material.  Gorski, after Mike’s exposé series, is screeching like a scalded dog.


But, (note to Mike) I just found another Center Point.  This one is EVEN MORE INTERESTING…

Enter, from stage left – “Pea-Brained PhD.”

The Investigation…

In my usual kind, considerate, gentle way, I went on the “Exposing AutismOne” FaceBook page and posted my inquiry.  It is just below.  They got a little upset…

A whole bunch of them…

My name is Tim Bolen. I run the BolenReport. I have only about 200,000 subscribers, and perhaps another 250,000 from social media, but, all the same, I’d like to do an article on you.

So, I have some questions.

Who, specifically owns, and manages this FaceBook page, called Exposing AutismOne?

Who, specifically, wrote the criticisms of AutismOne, and its participants, listed here?

Is that person, or persons, going to be one of the so-called “demonstrators” at this Event.

Would they be willing to be interviewed, on camera, at that Event?

What State do they live in?

What factual evidence do you, and yours have, to back up your assertions?

Could I get copies?

Can I get a physical address of each of the participants of this page, so if someone wants to communicate with you more formally, they could accomplish that quickly?

Looking forward to your response…

Tim Bolen – the BolenReport

Go ahead and smile…

What ensued, of course, was the usual “sliming” of the enquirer, me. (Remember I said I’d burn my clothes later?)  Of course NONE of them answered any of my questions.  They just continued to pour on the insults and snark.  They had no idea, I guess, that I’d been down this road many times – and seen worse.

What the group there failed to realize was that there were some there “lurking,” so-to-speak, that DID GIVE ME the FaceBook organizers’ identities.  And, of course, I wrote down names.

And that’s where it all got very interesting…

Three names were given to me, quietly, as “the organizers”  – all of which are from the “Autism is a Gift” (Neurodiverse) freak-a-zoid fringe group – those that screech (literally) that those parents looking for a solution to the massive vaccine damage done to their child, should be arrested.


Arrested?  Yup – these creepies travel around spouting near gibberish, claiming that Autism is the expression of a positive evolutionary change in humanity…

Ummmm….  Tell that one to an exhausted Autism Mom trying to find solutions for her freshly vaccinated, 106 fevered, screaming-in-pain, little one.

More on this in a second.


Investment Analyst John Best writes of them in an article called “Debunking Neurodiversity and Ari Ne’eman.”  Best says that:

Neurodiversity is a concept that began as a positive approach to equalizing treatment for people with disabilities. It was intended to raise consciousness, promote positive self-images and to change public opinion about the way disabled people are viewed. When it started, this included high functioning people who allegedly had autism and Asperger’s. It was quickly perverted into a massive propaganda campaign to abuse autistic children by preventing them from being cured.”

I wrote about these “Neurodiverse” people before.  I had said, in an article referring to the attack on Mark and David Geier:

Neurodiverse promoter Kathleen Seidel

That (Formal Complaint)  was based, totally, on the writings of one Kathleen Seidel who fashions herself as a spokesperson for what she describes as “the neurodiverse.” Seidel’s photo, from a New York Magazine article, is at the right.

Seidel vehemently attacks scientists like the Geiers from her internet perch, her neurodiversity blog.  Her claim is that “brain damage is a gift,” and that Autism is misunderstood, for, in her view it represents (get this…) the next step in the evolution of humanity.  She claims that people like the Geiers are violating the rights of the brain-damaged, and they must be stopped.

Seidel has devoted most of the waking hours of her life, since late 2005, to damaging the Geiers in any way she can.  For the most part, that is ALL her blog is about.  Twenty-eight strange-weird articles about the Geiers alone.  Can you spell cyberstalker?

Where are the men with the nets when you need them?

You’d think that, in our society, some authority would come along, take Seidel by the ear, haul her home, and wash her mouth out with soap, and send her to bed early without dinner a few times – so to speak..  But that’s not happening.  Our internet, with it’s penchant for anonymity, has become a haven for the weird, the obnoxious, the crazy, and all those that, in other societal realms, get sorted out – and asked to leave the vicinity.  From these, Seidel has found associates.

But the REALLY BIG FIND was…

Note the logo that says “Moms4GMOs”    Moms for GMOs? Really?

The one I call “Pea-Brained PhD…” Alison Bernstein of Emory University.


Here is a direct quote from this person, who calls herself “Mommy PhD:”

Last night, Kerri Rivera was scheduled to be interviewed on “Taking My Body Back with Marshika Quarterman-Parent” about using GcMAF (Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor) to cure autism (which can’t and doesn’t need to be cured).

Autism Doesn’t Need to be Cured?

What?  Alison, are you f**king nuts?

Apparently, these “Neurodiverse” claimants have never had a vaccine injured child to deal with.  It is NOT a gift – it is a living horror story.

Watch this 14 minute video, or any part of it, and you’ll get the idea.

And there are far worse stories than this.

So, who are these “Exposing AutismOne” proponents?  

Crackpot-ism for money?  Yup.

I have a short two minute video of “Mommy PhD” Alison Bernstein PhD, and two of her associates.  It is very revealing.  The video is supposed to be a trailer for one much longer called Science Moms.  When you watch it, first look, carefully, at each of these people when they speak.  See the snark?  Can you recognize a sociopath when you see one?  Can you recognize three sociopaths when you see them?

Then watch the video once again – and look, carefully, at the backgrounds.  Apparently there is a lot of money in what these women do…


Below is what “Mommy PHD” said about this video..

“Here’s the moment that you didn’t even know you’ve been waiting for – the 2-minute trailer for Science Moms, starring Kavin Senapathy, Mommy, PhD, and Anastasia Bodnar: Science Communicator.

Enjoy it, share it, and stay tuned for the launch of our Kickstarter campaign (because we still need to film with the brilliant Layla Katiraee – Biochica and Jenny Splitter – Science, Storytelling & Snark).

(Oh, in case you’re watching with your kids around…Kavin says “bullshit” within the first moments of the video.)

So, I have to ask…

Why are we continuing to be nice to these people?  Why are we putting up with this crap?

The answer, of course, is right there in the list of questions I sent them.  They should have had a lawyer review what they said on their FaceBook page.  I’m willing to bet that “Mommy PhD” is NOT going to show up in Chicago.

But, if she does, or if they have recruited “volunteer demonstrators” to repeat those claims…

I can’t wait to see the video.


Stay tuned…


Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate

12 thoughts on ““Pea-Brained PhD” – A Tale of Pro-Vaxxer Fear…”

  1. Anything that’s synthetic cannot be a toxin? Really? How about DDT and dioxins? This propaganda flick transcends anything I could have imagined corporate science cooking up.

    ScienceMoms is the very definition of astroturf, and has nothing to do with scientific inquiry. I can’t wait to see nobody line up to see this film.

  2. Thank you Tim for working so hard to help expose truth. Knowledge will be what saves us as our numbers grow & more heroes like you coming to the fore front.

    I wish the stars would come out in big numbers to help us like Kirsty Ally & Rob Schneider have. It will happen soon.

    I am always banned from Face Book these days but Twitter here I come. I’m @mofmars333

    My Face book page is for parents of vaccine injured children & activists to glean info to share. At least it used to be before Face Book started messing with me.

    Keep up the good work, Tim. You are so appreciated.

  3. Facebook must be related to wikipedia. Nothing but lies and if no one wants to set it straight, it stays convoluted and the public really has no idea what’s truth and what’s fiction. I don’t (and have never) used wikipedia as a source for anything. I don’t belong to facebook for good reason. These ladies are so busy point the finger of quackism at those of us who are questioning vaccines that they simply can’t see what’s in front of them, or they don’t want to see – because they have an agenda. They know they’ll get followers because there are a lot of ignorant people who believe that doctors and scientists would never LIE to them. Boy, do those people need an education in real life and how it works.

    I wonder – do any of those ladies have an autistic kid?? If not, they are blowing hot air. Have they never read a label on boxed foods in a grocery store? If there’s even one ingredient they can’t pronounce, they don’t get suspicious?

    Here’s the thing: just let it go, because people like them will never be convinced they are not seeing the whole picture with GMO’s and vaccines, etc. We live in a toxic world, do they not wonder how that happened??????? Geezalou.

  4. David Gorsky and this Bernstein women are both clearly Zionists. Even an autistic child could tell us that.

    Tim, the KKK is the wrong term for these people. The KKK were the ones trying to put an end to these peoples activities!!!

    I love your fighting spirit and hilarious sarcasm, but please, don’t call them KKK. Expose them for who they really are. They same people that control Hollywood (and thus the media).

  5. Emory University is in Atlanta, the same city which hosts the CDC. What’s the bet some of these people have family and friends in the CDC.

  6. Autism can’t be cured? She obviously has no clue…I have a (now) 12-year old nephew who has fully recovered from his Autism diagnosis, rendered when he was about 2 years old. All his MD-guided treatment revolved around removing toxins, heavy metals, allergens and healing the gut (as well as speech and play therapy). In essence, removing what was causing brain damage, enabling his active stem cells to regrow brain cells, and catching up on missed developmental milestones.

  7. I agree with you Tim. I can’t let it go even when my whole family looks at me with eyes rolling when I complain about vaccines and suggest that they listen to nutritionists and westonaprice.org instead of medical doctors.

  8. Bravo, Tim! Now you need to do one on the whole Zika “mosquita” charade where the GMO skeeters of Bill Gates spread the disease and we just have to wait patiently for the vaccines to magically appear. Heck, maybe even enlist some kids saying “if I get one, you’ll make my brain grow!” Keep up the vital work!!

  9. The public have been conditioned over a long time to think that vaccines are safe and necessary, but how can you trust pharmaceutical companies that are motivated purely by financial motives? There is another side to the vaccine story that they prefer to keep hidden. They don’t always work and they aren’t always safe.

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