FLU SHOT Kills DHHS Head Tom Price…..

It Only Took One Day…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Yes, there was a flap over Tom Price’s luxury travel arrangements in private aircraft.  But that was NOTHING compared to the results of an EXAMINATION of WHERE he recently went in those luxury aircraft and WHOM he met with.

That’s where things got interesting…

Let’s start with what happened…

On Thursday, September 28th, 2017, Tom Price, in a moment of supreme idiocy, came out in favor of the annual flu shot.  The globalist oriented, Anti-American Washington Post said:

“This flu season could be a bad one, and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price got his flu shot Thursday and urged Americans to follow his example and get vaccinated.

But after getting jabbed, Price, who is under fire for his flights on government-funded private jets, left before a scheduled question-and-answer session. He rolled down his sleeve and hurried out of the room at the National Press Club even before putting his suit jacket back on.

More, the Post said:

“In his remarks at the annual flu awareness event, Price noted that vaccination coverage has plateaued and that fewer than half of the U.S. population was vaccinated last season. Even though overall flu vaccination coverage ticked up slightly last season, the hospitalization rate nearly doubled from the previous season and was higher across all age groups than in seven of the eight previous seasons.

Just a 5 percentage point uptake in vaccination coverage could have prevented nearly half a million cases of flu last season, Price said. “We’ve got a lot of room for improvement,” he stressed.”

In July 2015, bioCSL and the influenza vaccines of Novartis joined forces to create Seqirus, the largest maker of flu vaccines in the world – Price’s hired private jet – a French made Falconer 2000, took him to Seqirus in August for private meetings.

Price’s travel schedule explains his difference with the Trump administration over the safety and effectiveness of the US Vaccine program.

In August Price used the jet to get him to Raleigh, North Carolina, so he could tour the Seqirus flu vaccine plant and address its employees.  A synopsis of THAT meeting is NOT available.

But, make no mistake, Price’s travel arrangements were NOTHING compared to his promotion of the flu vaccine to Americans.  EVERYONE knows the annual flu vaccine is worthless junk laced with 25 micrograms of mercury.

It is NO SECRET how dangerous the flu vaccine actually is and what it did to pregnant US mothers.

In short, the Anti-Vaccine Movement NAILED Tom Price, after he Promoted the FLU SHOT…

It only took 24 hours.  It was EASY.

Why was it EASY?  Because the Trump Team has been made VERY AWARE, all along, of the truth of the vaccine story.  Vaccines are total crap.  Like the rest of SANE America, Donald knows the truth about not just the flu vaccine, but ALL vaccines.

Just below is what the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, DONALD TRUMP has to say about the flu shot…

He said that “Flu Shots are the greatest scam in medical history…”

Has Price been the impediment, all along, to Trump getting REAL changes in US health care?

It is beginning to look like it.

“We the People” want REAL change in US Health Care which boils down to the simple fact that we need to completely destroy the pharmaceutical industry.  Like RIGHT NOW…

We need to hunt down and destroy every Big Pharma supporter in Congress.  EVERY Big Pharma minion in our administrative agencies like the FDA, CDC, NIH, local Health Departments needs to be identified and REMOVED from positions of authority – and where possible, PROSECUTED – and in some cases EXECUTED.

It only took one day…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


7 thoughts on “FLU SHOT Kills DHHS Head Tom Price…..”

  1. The media is circulating that our President is very disappointed with this man and even
    Considering firing him for his charging expensively flights cost to the agency he works for. More alarming to me is where he went and who he saw is not mentioned. And even three times more alarming is our President’d total silence on the vaccines issue. You posted an old audio interview of the president. Since his election he has not done or said anything in regards to vaccines and then he nominates Price, well known NWO supporter and “friend” of Big Mafia Pharma. So what are to believe? That his younger days stance on vaccine was used to get our votes?. I , and hundred of thousands who voted for him are losing hope and beginning to feel betrayed . His cabinet is full of staunch NWO supporters.

  2. Dr Suzanne Humphries (video link below) does this beautifully, as she says so calmly that ‘this is important’ to consider…. after acknowledging how impotent for protection are the flu shots, she then says that the idiots who designed the flu vax idea actually are making you more likely to get the flu the next year even if it managed to succeed this year… meanwhile you’ve damaged your system’s abilitlies to resist in the future…

    The whole one year statistic is a stunt, a fraud, the full picture is: it makes you sicklier in the future,
    — including more vulnerable to the pandemic strains!!! POW!

    Mark the calendar for the incidence of flu stats victims..

    The surge blamed on last year’s downturn is REALLY the payoff for the previous years’ gullible compliance to flu vaxxing.. the media was hoaxed and displayed their ignorance…. see Dr Humphries with the real scoop……

  3. According to Elissa Meininger, Tom Price was supposed to be the savior of HHS simply because he was a member of the AAPS, an association that doesn’t take money from pharmaceutical companies:


    And then suddenly he’s visiting pharmaceutical companies, promoting flu vaccines and charging private jets to the taxpayers?

    Maybe we should stop counting chickens before they hatch. And stop counting on the corrupt nanny state to take care of our health. We should just kick these people out of office and stop funding the HHS altogether.

  4. @Erin. agree with you. @Tim. while having patience is an admirable trait, to have patience with the unfolding while our children are injured for life or temporarily or kill: our children ARE BEEN SACRIFICED IN THE NAME OF POLITICAL EXPEDIENCE,. We need our President to take off the muzzle of his face – placed there by his cabinet NWO members of and come out publicly and boldly This new attitude of his is totally out of character, not at all like the man who does not split hairs when telling the truth as HE SEES IT. SO HIS SILENCE IS DEFEANING ALARMING! Yes , he is bringing jobs to America, Yes , the US stock market keeps showing investors trust on his efforts to bring up our country’s economy. Yes, he is beefing up our Military. Yes, he has taken measures against unvetted entry to country. Yes he is working to erect a wall and defend our borders. Yes, he is working toward tax lowering for middle class and business. Yes, he has tried, unsuccessfully to bring in a better cost Health Care’s citizen friendly…. And this very man, Price, is suspected by you and others, to be strongly behind making his Health Care efforts null and void? Our President is doing all that which he emphasized in his campaign but nothing to strip Big Mafia Pharma, CDC and ancillary minions. while at the same time our children’s population is going autistic, killed or maimed. What will be the long term cost to our Country? In 20 years from now all his efforts will be not worth a piece of toilet paper: There will not be entry to the job market of a younger generation capable of holding a job much less able to do the job. Taxes revenue will decreased considerable, forcing to open our job market abroad, All professional areas will have shortages . So to me and many others, this issue is not just a parent concern; it is and it should be a National Welfare and Economical Concern of the outmost importance. Who is going to foot the cost of the hundred of thousand of grown autistic children whose parents will be seniors unable to take care of their grown autistic children, or deceased? The government at Federal and state level will have to foot the cost… This country is well on its way to become a Pharma Country and if it does, no doubt there will be enacted legislation to “dispose” of all citizens who will be a financial burden and will not be a money source to the IRS. Mark my words! I am running out of hope and patience.

  5. Be patient – we need to pick up ALL of the marbles. This bad situation has been in place for a long time. Solutions do not happen over night.

    A LOT goes into correcting the problems.

  6. Great article! Thank you for writing it and especially with such conviction. Your words could have come right out of MY mouth. I think you speak for many of us, especially those of us with thousands of exhaustive hours of research under our belts. The truth must be revealed. Keep up the great work!

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