Californians – Want Cellular Antennas Right Outside Your Bedroom Window?

The California Legislature Thinks That’s OK…

By Camilla Rees –

The California Alliance for Safer Technology (, a consortium of health and environmental advocates, physicians, non-profit leaders, attorneys and government officials is presently appealing to Governor Brown to VETO SB.649.

The group is asking all Californians to join in NOW to let the Governor know millions of people OPPOSE SB.649—and will fight this bill to the end!

The alliance insists on local control of our communities and safer communications technologies—NOT ‘wireless antenna densification’ with new, much higher frequency 4G LTE/ 5G antennas located on every few utility poles, lamp posts, and other municipal infrastructure, and near to homes throughout California, which this legislation specifically enables.

NO! This is America – and we are not going to stand for further erosion of local government rights or for accelerated pollution of our living environment.

There are safer and far more desirable alternatives to the pervasive radiation-emitting antennas planned, being enabled by SB.649

Many CA legislators have been led astray—and are drinking the wireless industry Kool-Aid:

  • They have been lied to about the need for these new ‘distributed’ small cell antennas in the first place, like they were lied to about the need for radiating ‘smart’ meters.
  • They have been lied to about the health risks, though it’s well established that wireless radiation is biologically disruptive, and impacts physical and mental health, impairs fertility, impacts fetuses with life-long consequences, impairs child development, causes DNA mutations, and is classified by WHOs IARC as a ‘Possible Carcinogen’.
  • They have been misinformed about the massive energy requirements of these new antenna networks, not understanding an optical fiber-based solution (to the home) would create tremendous energy savings, as well as meaningful local economic benefits, sufficient in many cases to more than make up for the initial investment.
  • They have been misled to believe ‘distributed antennas’ radiating throughout neighborhoods, every few telephone poles, will address the ‘digital divide’, whereas only fiber-based broadband deployed close to the consumer can overcome access inequality, as well as the second-rate connectivity much of America experiences.
  • They are ignoring the financial liability to the State of California, including warnings from an attorney in an 11-page letter to legislators explaining bankruptcy of the State of California can be ‘reasonably expected to result’, as the bill effectively (and craftily) shifts liability for health damages from the Telcom industry to the State.
  • They appear ignorant or unconcerned about the special risks (health, social, economic and, potentially, homelessness risk) for the estimated 1mm Californians who are already electrically sensitive, and for whom this additional, unavoidable, non-stop radiation exposure, very close to homes, will especially harm.
  • They appear unaware a UC San Diego Professor of Medicine has strongly objected to SB.649, saying that the unrestricted roll-out of this technology, will predictably and directly injure and disable a new group, and add depth of suffering to those already affected.”
  • Firefighters in CA have been given an exemption from exposure to the radiation emitted by cellular antennas due to health and cognitive difficulties they have experienced (such as confusion leading to getting lost in their own town responding to 911 calls). So, this begs the question – Why shouldn’t the rest of us be exempt from this biologically disruptive, and harmful, radiation?
  • The bottom line is CA Legislators have not fulfilled their responsibility to Californians or to the State of California by not calling for an independent, complete cost-benefit analysis of the full impact of ‘antenna densification’ plans of the wireless industry that SB.649 enables. 649 Must Be Vetoed by Governor Brown!

If You Are a Health Freedom Advocate, or A Concerned Citizen, Parent or Grandparent – Please Join Us to Stop this Legislation!

 Tell Governor Jerry Brown:

“Brown, Put Down Your Pen!”

Call Governor Jerry Brown –  ​(916) 445-2841

Email c/o Tom Dyer –

Write (ASAP):

Governor Jerry Brown

Attn: Tom Dyer
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA  95814

Online Message to Governor (select SB649):

 Fax: (916) 558-3160


 See the Organizations Opposed

Opposition to SB.649 includes 300 California cities, 47 counties, dozens of health and environmental organizations, such as the Environmental Working Group, Sierra Club California, California League of Conservation Voters, California Communities Against Toxics, California Municipal Utilities Association, Moms Across America, Citizens for Health, AARP, and several large unions, such as the Communications Workers of America and the California Teamsters Public Affairs Council. The State of California Department of Finance, that analyzed the bill, even objects.

Learn about the significant health risks from wireless radiation as recently communicated to the CA State Legislature by:

Professor Beatrice Golumb, MD, PhD, UC San Diego

Professor Emeritus, Martin Pall, PhD, Washington State University

Track the science with UC Berkeley’s Joel Moskowitz, PhD at

Barry Broad, lobbyist for California Alliance for Safer Technology, addresses a large rally against SB.649 in Sacramento last week:

Call Governor Jerry Browno.  ​(916) 445-2841

Email c/o Tom Dyer –


Contact: Camilla Rees, MBA, Member of California Alliance for Safer Technology; Founder, Campaign for Radiation Free Schools (Facebook) and co-founder, International EMF Alliance; Senior Policy Advisor, National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy; Author, “The Wireless Elephant in the Room” and co-author, “Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution”.  415-992-5093 or

4 thoughts on “Californians – Want Cellular Antennas Right Outside Your Bedroom Window?”

  1. I am terrified of this bill and pray that Brown vetoes this horrible bill! Our family will move out of state if this passes!!!

  2. The legislators continue to ignore the will of the citizens and proceed at full speed without any good sense. If this happens and these devices are installed, we must then proceed to take them down, disable, destroy, subvert, hinder, etc. Problem solved. Not interested in suffering through declining health, distress, and disability. Maybe then they will listen.

  3. Chappaquiddick, the movie. Why now, after all these years is this subject brought up? I hear that it shows how the Kennedys pulled together to protect their youngest member so Teddy’s career would not be ruined by his murderous choice. Well, that damage control team would likely include RFK, Jr. You know, the RFK, Jr. who is in the forefront of the movement to shut down the vaccine holocaust and bring the perpetrators to justice. Could big pharma have anything to do with this film that likely shows the seedy side of the Kennedy family and in the process sully the image of our man, Jr? He seems like a very decent guy who has gone to great lengths to protect the environment and the people who live in it. It may be far-fetched but I would not put it past big phat pharma who needs to cover their asses for all the destruction they have visited upon the people of this planet. We shall see because the truth always has a way of floating to the surface, eventually.

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