Surviving IRMAgeddon – THE WAITING is the hardest part…

The media makes it worse…

By Sharon Anshaw

You know what’s coming. You hope for the best, and you are stocked with supplies in preparation.

Your gas tank is full.

You have plenty of drinking water.

You have plenty of hygiene water.

The windows are blocked off.

Your preparations are complete.

The power is still on so you tune into the TV and face the 24/7 media hype.

Are they right about the storm? Is it going to turn your way? Will it be as strong as they say?

Eventually you have to turn the channel to take your mind off it all, or just self-medicate yourself so you don’t collapse.

You try not to think of what is about to happen.

Outside the winds start. The rains get heavier. The power flickers. You prep and put flashlights in strategic locations so you will have them when the power goes out. Your cooler is filled with water. You put the ice cube bags you have been making all week in it and seal it up.

The final preparations are done.

You sit down to watch your TV diversion… and…. the power goes out.

IRMA is here…

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The Main Stream Media (MSM) Hype of Hurricane “IRMA…”

By Sharon Anshaw

While most of the country is going to be enjoying their weekend, possibly going out to a movie, or maybe ordering in a pizza and having friends over, we here in Florida are preparing – as best we can – for a monster to appear. Hurricane Irma is a major storm.

Hurricane Irma is larger than the entire state is wide…

This means that no matter where you are in Florida, you will feel the effects. Some will be devastated, some will have just some winds. Either way all Floridians will feel this one.

At the Beginning…

At the beginning of the tracking, when it was realized that Irma could possibly hit Florida, we started gathering the necessary supplies to survive AFTER the storm.

The very first thing MSM (Main stream Media) starts reporting is “Floridians are in a panic”. “Gas shortages are everywhere”. “Food is flying off the shelves”.  Well, yes it did…but was it because Florida was in a panic? Not really, that is, not until the media convinced everyone they should be in a panic.

Any seasoned Floridian knows there are basic items needed to survive after the storm. Yes, I keep saying “after.” That is because it is not only surviving the onslaught and fury of the storm, it is being able to survive while waiting for everything to be made right – getting the roads cleared, the power lines back up, the water lines repaired and flushed and the water to recede. That is the time you need to have supplies to take care of you and your family.

We know this, have seen it repeatedly.

But the media is more concerned with their ratings and causing widespread panic than actually providing helpful information.

I didn’t see any media saying “stay calm, and follow your storm procedures”. Or “these stores are open at these hours and have needed supplies”. Or “here’s where you can still find water, gas, plywood, etc.”


They are here with their cameras and microphones in people’s faces twisting their words to satisfy their ultimate goal – To Cause a panic they can film so they can get it on the 6 o’clock news. They are on the beaches letting the wind blow through their hair and saying how bad it is getting.

Give me a break. You know what?

If I’m “deplorable,” then they are “despicable!”

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CONFIDENCE – and Why It’s Not a “Bad” Word…

The Thing About Millennials…

By Sharon Anshaw


Recently I was asked “What makes YOU so confident in yourself?” 

It was done almost accusingly, from a millennial type with a posse, (I’m guessing they were late 20’s early 30’s-ish) after I stood up for myself in some situation.  Not important “the what” as much as “the why.”

My first thought was to respond with; “Why aren’t you?  And why do you feel you have a right to belittle me for my courage to stand up for what I believe in, even though I stand alone. Does your wolf pack make you better? Or does it just give you the confidence you lack personally?”

But in typical fashion, I just smiled and turned away and left it to them to figure out. (Drives them crazy).

But I found myself pondering the question afterwards. I wonder why millennials aren’t confident in themselves? Why do they feel they have to roam in packs, whether it be in person, or on twitter, or Facebook, or social media in general? Or in riots against our President or officials enforcing the laws. Why do they crave the acceptance of someone agreeing, someone paying attention to them? Why is it that so many in that age group are lacking standard confidence in themselves?

What is it that made me so different from them?

I don’t travel in packs. I have a small circle of friends. I have little interaction on social media, of any kind. Purposely! Most comments and derogatory remarks are from “bots” anyway. If a friend or family member doesn’t comment, it isn’t important. I was raised with “Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt me.” Didn’t they ever hear that?

Sure, not everyone has a confidence in themselves, no matter what age. But why is that sense of worth of one’s self disappearing more and more?  Why are the young millennials craving – to the point of madness – ATTENTION?

So I started thinking back to the beginning -MY beginnings.

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America’s Latest Wake Up Call…

Republican Party Legislators are Stalked, Targeted, and Shot in Broad Daylight…

You are surprised? Really?

Opinion by Sharon Anshaw

It boils down to Control. They are out there inciting a civil war to control the population. To satisfy their own agenda. To bask in their ability to control.

Every day the narrative on main stream media is HATE.  Hate Republicans. Hate anyone associated with them. Hate anyone who dares to agree or think as they do. Hate our duly elected president. Hate anyone who opposes the left-wing ideas of one world government.

Their main goal is to abolish the USA, the Constitution and our laws. To gain the control over the USA and change it to a world-socialist society. It has nothing to do with the people, other than control.


Why are they so hateful? Why are they propagating the lies, false information, hate messages? Why are they trying to turn America against itself?

Because America works. Our Constitution works. Our founding fathers guided by their faith and their experiences of an unjust society crafted a rock-solid document that works! Our founding fathers found the way to truly make all the people equal. To protect and cherish their God-given rights. Our government has always been the hated government. Why? Because it works. We have always lead the world as the beacon of justice. The beacon of truth. The society to model after. Americans have always supported the beliefs and laws of our country, even if they didn’t agree with their leader. Americans supported America.

We now have a poison in our midst, no less dangerous than the worse street drug being peddled…

It is called liberalism. It is a hate sickness that is based on greed and control. I’m not really sure if it’s actually partisan anymore. It seems to be taking its place as a new philosophy. A new regime. A new religion.

We have seen it before…

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